Black People : White western culture ageism disease has finally reached Africa.


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Dec 18, 2014
There was a time when you observed how American whites scowled and scorned their aging and elderly people, you could say with pride, well, there is still one continent on this planet where older people are revered for their wisdom and experience and instead of being shunned and called worn out, washed up and worthless. And constantly being told to take their old ***** on and get lost like white western American culture berates their aging and elderly. Africans knew the value their elders age and life experiences and that information could be passed to them to give them insight to their own personal life experiences.
Not anymore white western civilization has inflicted that lush continent with the terrible sickness called "ageism".

How sad pearls wisdom is slowly being reassigned the past winds of time:
:SuN026: i think you should be nice to the older people....

find an olde person and give them $100 dollars..... :SuN020:

you are right jamesfrmphilly, people should be nice to our elders and give them the precious gift time and money. But not in this current culture. Not in America. Yes, I do blame whites for this attitude this poor disrespectful attitude towards middle aged and beyond individuals. Have you ever heard them talk about older people? they shred them like sharks.

Whites hate aging like they disdain people of color and will go out their way to discriminate and shut them off the same way they try their hardest to isolate and withhold equality to people of color. Even if the aged man or woman are still endowed with a strong intellectual capacity. They repulse them.

When it falls to this low level of treatment, African Americans and people of color around the world should reject this type of discriminatory attitude and behavior research and follow the highest wisdom of their race and reject imitating white bias. It is sad we talk about white's and the various forms of bigotry they have yet, we mimic the same disdains they have towards other groups of people. It is so sad!


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