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May 16, 2004
admist the sky i see stars shine
gazing into darkness i see light bright
searching for peace i have found friction
evaluationg my prospects and process
i learned that beauty comes in tomorrow
hope with faith in prgress
not survival. not survivors. no liars.
silently i take hours to myself
dedicating time mastering inner thoughts
over clouded by words, expressions
and maybe's, should have, or will do
but yes i can.
watching the breeze through hour glass
figures, brown strong nature
swaying with no fear, speaking
volumes no one will ever hear
absorbing the drops echo on pond
meadows, backyard swamp's treasure
pouring on window seal
leaving my sleep calm and still
admist nature
i live
laid out i find love in
white walls that speak volumes
leaving space for images
to appear
my thoughts with GOD
midnight dream talks to love
fears and grief
despair and destiny
love lost gained but cherished
all held captive between white cavities
three walls plastered by my emotions
imprinted by my feelings
yet blank
written on by my soul
pen man ship sunk deep for dark ages
yet nature calls clean pure
simple by means of completion
complex by observance
visuals that employ me
motivated by practicing craft within
colliding with the elegance of nature
the untouched breathe of preserverance
the beauty of surprise
kept close with my pallet
embellished with color
from rainy moments
days that awake me
my grateful spirit
admist boundaries i soar.
write lengths
and learn volumes.
imprinted around me.​
paint your picture sista brethren

your picture of life
your vision

a never ending painting of growth

and peace

colliding with the elegance of nature
the untouched breathe of preserverance

peace poet



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