Black People : White Supremacy Pulling Crap, they would not Dare of Back in the Days of Black Movements

take the US senate in 2020.

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thats the point aint no one Collectively fighting, White Supremacy anymore!
Politicians are influenced to act by grassroots leaders and organizations!
They pare public servants not leaders! a computer wont work unless you turn it on!

You see anyone to add to this pic, 2019, to influence anyone running in the senate or there in congress now ??

you challenging me personally?? I ben active in the community and worked with every known leader , since the late 80s in NYC , what were you doing since the late 80s??

And I know this kind of thing as well was not going on in the 60s , 70s or 80s when we had real Black leadership and real National Black organization and Community Love in each state

You call that, what to me, seems a bit of rather deep messaging for attempting to gain some inner peace and strength as any kind of challenge beyond that which anyone would or has faced within themselves?
I'll promise you this mister, if I challenge you in the way you seem to have taken that friendly piece of advice. YOU'LL KNOW IT.
Now you can go back to your Begging the Questions, because I'm not in the mood to entertain neither the former or this sort of BS.........
begging the question:

Bust of Aristotle, whose Prior Analytics contained an early discussion of this fallacy
Begging the question is an informal fallacy that occurs when an argument's premises assume the truth of the conclusion, instead of supporting it. It is a type of circular reasoning: an argument that requires that the desired conclusion be true. This often occurs in an indirect way such that the fallacy's presence is hidden, or at least not easily apparent. (from wikipedia)
240 people see my point!
We didnt go through this crap when we had real Black leadership and organizations!

No one here in this pic, had the luxury of reaching back to former leaders and their solutions, at 50 terrabytes, of real data, on their cell phones, or have a spending power of a trillion dollars, so the question is how long will this go on as White Supremacy is upgraded and rebooted??


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