Black People : White supremacy group plans Jena rally on Martin Luther King Jr. Day


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Jun 24, 2007
"The organization issued a statement this week saying "Jena Justice Day to Empower the Majority" would be held on Jan. 21, 2008, the day set aside to celebrate the birthday of the slain American civil rights leader.

The statement said the Nationalist were "bringing their tools for empowerment to Louisiana to defeat the demands of Al Sharpton." The events planned include a two-mile parade, speeches, ceremonies and petitions "as a centerpiece to abolish King Day.""
Roarin 1, how did I get to be the focus of your attention? You must be having nightmares about me or something. The KKK has already succeeded, their intent is to get a rise out of you, and that is completely predictable, they might not even have the rally.

Why do you think I support them, when they stand for everything I am against? Especially racism, no matter who practices it. You are a racist, so you have more in common with them. They are hoping that you show up with a gun or something and start a riot, that is why they chose MLK's birthday, you don't get it, do you? They don't have a lot of support anymore, so they just play games with black nationalist to get attention.

As to the experiment thing and black law enforcement officers, actually you are the one in the test tube. Once again, they have you jumpng up and down, just by putting a flame under you, they just want to see how many colors you can change to. I am here in my position because I chose this as a career, and happen to meet all of the qualifications for it. I am about to retire soon, and I will have a very good life to show for my time. There is not a single black person on this earth who can say that I ever mistreated them, sorry brother, but whatever disagreements you and I might have, believe me, if you have an encounter with law enforcement, you will be more than happy that it was I who came to apprehend you. Because I will fight for you, and make sure you are given the justice you deserve, because you are still my brother.
Nightmares? Naw Chief. You couldn't ever rise to such heights.

Hold up. (no pun intended.) But how did attention to my demeanor get to up-stage your citizenry allegiance to your beloved country amerikka?

I simply inquired as to how you would defend the rights of your amerikkkan comrades? And amerikkka wants to know. Will it be by up-holding the u.s. constitution in regards to rights of assembly?

Without passion or prejudice?

Or, would it be by exercising your rights to 'diversify' and join them? Since this is the 'land of opportunity,' maybe you could find a loop-hole in the klan by-laws and join up wit'em.

Btw, I would never bring a shot-gun to a kitchen full of roaches, I would just bring a can of RAID.

krakkas don't shake me, I KNOW who my enemies are...don't you think?

And having already 'out-thought' the greatest of amerikkkan 'thinkers,' amerikkkan has already found itself in the petri dish, so where are you in your retirement?

I just hope you don't choke on that chicken bone that cost the lives of so many little black children to afford you your retirement....bubba.
Just to answer your inquiry roarin 1, I have nothing to do with that kind of law enforcement. If they get a permit to march, then it's on the municipality that issues it to deal with them. My retirement is mostly financed by my own independent endeavors. Of course, you spend so much time ducking white folks, while secretly worshipping them, you've forgotten that there are opportunities in this country, even for losers.


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