Black People Politics : 'white' Slaves Used For 1860s Fundraiser Propaganda

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    Fundraiser organizers used lighter skinned mixed race slave children as part of an campaign to raise money for African American schools in the 1860s. They believed that lighter skinned slaves would garner more sympathy, and in turn more money, for their cause. (Library of Congress)
    'White' slaves used for 1860s fundraiser propaganda

    Now in as much as this is an issue that white people have to resolve amongst themselves. This information is important in the sense that, "whenever our children are taught in school about our history as slaves in America, the child then needs to raise their hand and ask why the history of Europeans as slaves in America isn't taught also? They are then in a position with the aid of parents to demand that the history of Europeans as slaves be taught as well, since they were enslaved in America before our people were.