Chief Elder Osiris : White Power Unite Against Reparation !!!

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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    My precious hearts, there should come a Time in every Black Life when reality should stand toe to toe looking us into our Black face, looking us directly into our eyes and proclaim that all who choose to ignore its present should be dealt with swiftly in any manner necessary to allow us to over come such stumble blocks.

    We cry out about these racist candidates anti Reparation position as if to say if they are against Reparation then we might as well abandon such a noble and sacred cause as demanding Reparation for our Enslaved African Ancestors.

    To misrepresent Reparation by implying that as the thinking of racist white power brokers thinkabout Reparation so goes Reparation.

    No greater lying implication can ever be expressed than that and to do so, is a clear indication of us not knowing the true value and meaning of Reparation.

    We the Children who has been given the obligation to see that Justice is now awarded to our Enslaved African Ancestors, must stand strong and proud.

    It was our Enslaved African Ancestors, the very one who washed and cleaned the behind of many of those politicians and White hypocrites mother and father and labor daily from sun up to sun down, without pay and against their will and now here they are and proudly stand so boldly up before us, the daughters and sons of those who labored tireless to see to it their white slave enforcing parents are well taken care of, speaking against Justice.

    We children of those proud and bold Enslaved Ancestors will not relent, until Justice is done to our Enslaved Ma and Pa..

    No way will I sit idly by and allow the likes of a politician White or Black, Jew or Arab, determine my attitude about Reparation, because I know, when Reparation come and it will, it will come at the say so of the AfroDescendants in america and throughout the Diaspora, with the Africans at home coming together to voice their support for their relatives who were Enslaved as Chattel.

    Our sisters and brothers in Africa will rise up in support of the AfroDescendants in the Diaspora, acting in unison, being in harmony with each other, in our demand for Reparation / Repatriation Justice for our Enslaved African Ancestors, the devil politicians and all else will not be able to prevent what is Just and preordained by our godly African Ancestors, from happening.

    Just as it is the Fool Who Say There Is No God, so it is the Fool Who Say we will not receive Reparation for our Enslaved African Ancestors but fools know not the way of godly forces.

    Reparation is a spiritual thing and for us to not understand that, mean we are acting out of a selfish bag, in hope that this Devil allow some to get paid so as to interrupt the true Reparation fighters, not so, it will not happen, such is written within the annals of Time how Reparation will rise and it is that Time that so decree that our Enslaved African Ancestors will in fact be judged and awarded Justly.

    Wake up Black Woman And Man, it is Liberation Time and it is our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation that will serve as the vehicle that will carry us to our freedom and independence, restoring our Hue - Man Rights,Justly so.

    Reparation is not for taking an america capitalist journey to no where it is to be used to establish an AfroDescendant Nation State in Africa and for the AfroDescendants to proceed to assist in bringing about the reunification of Africa once again and nothing less, such is the Spiritual significant of Reparation.

    You may take it or leave it alone because to do otherwise, you spit on the graves of our Enslaved African Ancestors and to do that will require you to walk over the backs of the true Reparation revolutionary fighters and I mean that literally so, my dear brothers and sisters.

    To hell with what the white oppressing politicians think and say negatively about Reparation and the Negroes assimilation advocates as well, who are in opposition to our Enslaved Ancestors receiving Reparation.

    Listen my dear beloved, It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth !!!

    Complete Love To The Black African Nation