Black People : White Power that support Black Power

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    May 11, 2003
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    white intellectuals and activists that support black social justice.

    (this post replaces a wack post by a white racist that came onto the board, i guess when he was banned i was replaced as thread starter, so i taking a positive spin on his racist thread.) (

    more coming..
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    Sep 16, 2003
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    Socialism is whack! Look at the legacy of the gallantous Soviet Onion!

    Socialist have ran for thier lives when inside socialist nations. Huey Newton exiled in Cuba in the mid 70s lived outside Havana and worked in a cement factory! Thats how you reward an intellect in a socialist nation, put them in a cement factory. He didnt stay too long after that, especially when trying to chase a chicken around his apartment (for dinner).

    Eldridge Cleaver went on his little revolutionary tirade around the world, living in Cuba, China, Algeria... After what he saw (hypocrasy) he gave his life to the Lord and joined the Republican party.

    In Cuba are many former Black Panthers living in a socialist realm...but surprisingly none of them have given uptheir US citizenship to become Cuban citizens.