Black History : White mob wiped this all-black Florida town off the map, 60 years later their story was finally told

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Nov 17, 2006
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A white mob wiped this all-black Florida town off the map. 60 years later their story was finally told
Even by the standards of the 1920s South, the chain of events in Rosewood were unfathomable

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Nine-year-old Minnie Lee Langley was outside with her mother on New Year’s Day 1923 when she saw them coming: a mob of white men marching toward her hometown of Rosewood, Florida. A daughter of the Jim Crow South, where violence against black people was part of everyday life, Minnie knew that all those white men together meant terrible trouble ...

Ruins of Rosewood, Florida. The small town was almost forgotten after a white mob murdered and displaced black residents in 1923. (Bettmann Archive via Getty Images)

Top (left) Sarah Carrier (sitting), Sylvester Carrier (standing) and his sister Willie Carrier, circa 1910. (Wikimedia) | (bottom) Sheriff Robert Walker holds a shotgun reportedly used by Sylvester Carrier to kill his family’s attackers. (Bettmann Archive via Getty Images)


White residents of Sumner bury their black neighbors, two per grave. (Bettmann Archive via Getty Images)


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