OldSoul : White Mob in Opelousas, Louisiana killed nearly 300 Blacks Over The Right To Vote

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    September 28, 1868, The violence started when three local white men beat up another white person and friend of the black community Emerson Bentley, he was also a school teacher and editor of a local newspaper. Bently was beaten for registering blacks to vote, especially for an upcoming sheriff's election. . False rumors spread throughout the black community in Opelousas that Bently was murdered. Several local armed African Americans came to the defense of Bentley and held the town of Opelousas under siege for several days.. Because of a city ordinance passed by outlaw politicians banning only blacks from owning guns, not many had weapons at their disposal. That day, at least two dozen unarmed African Americans were arrested and hung that same night. The following days, local whites went on an animalistic savage rampage against blacks. At least 200 unarmed African Americans were killed in the fields and swamps. 30 to 50 whites were killed when they confronted blacks with arms.