Black People : White Mama and Granny= Mixed NUT!

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    Feb 26, 2008
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    So dont be surprised at Barry Obama. he has rebuked ALL things AFRIKAN. but not to worry, the sheep kneegros won't say anything. If you do you are called a "Hater". White tactics, these are. Anytime an AFRIKAN questions anything. So those of you that are doing so are no better than YT! (Barrys redneck mama and granny) Oh and dont use words that you don't know the meaning of. What is a "Hater"? Who here has said they hated Obama. we just want him to do right by our people. I dont give a damm about this country. This is about either you are gona do good for us or NOT! Oh and lest any of you come with the macain BS, I have not voted for ANY Cracker in almost 30 years! (once I saw they were not going to EVER be correct) How many of you can say that? Again, you are acting just like The DEVIL white man when you jump anybody who dares to question whether an AFRIKAN(?) is going to do right. U all should be ashamed and feel STUPID! remeber Clarence thomas! kneegros were dancin in the ailse till Thurgood told them to be careful just wanting a Black face up there.