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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    When looking and Seeing through the Divine Mind of Black People, one can only conclude that those with a history of tearing up the most advanced Civilization to be constructed upon this planet that White / Jewish / Religious Advocates are guilty of creating a social economic system that was dependent upon Black servitude and an intuition of all sorts of enslavement of Black People, with the Crown of that kind of institution being that of what the European / Religious White / Jewish aristocracy referred to as Chattel Slavery, an action that further contributed to the Demise of Black civilization.

    Nothing serve to be more Evilly vivid than the action of Chattel Slavery, not even Hitler Holocaust can rise to measure up to such action of Life abuse than the action of an institution referred to as Chattel Slavery, a Black experience which Black People do all that we can to forget and we attempt minimize the effect it had and still is having on Black People today, so much so, until we choose to ignore that which happen to Afrika and our Ancient Black Ancestors, but yet it be Black people that urge on and support the Jewish attitude toward Hitler Holocaust, with the Jewish People taking a Mental position which state that they will never allow the world to forget what it allowed to happen to their Jewish Ancestors.

    Black People are so in line with Jewish People concerning their Ancestors experience of what they label to be a Holocaust experience until we now attempt to piggy back on their claim in reference to what the Jewish people was exposed to, as we Black people now indicate our Enslaved Ancestors Experience to be equal to the Jewish experience under Hitler Rule, well beloved I beg to differ with you all who now willingly compare the experience of the Jews under Hitler Rule to Black People experience confined to a white, Jewish, Religious Institution of Chattel Slavery of Black People.

    There is no such thing as a Black Holocaust, our Enslaved Ancestors trapped into an institution referred to as Chattel Slavery, which were Far More Dramatic than to be referred to as a Holocaust experience which our Enslaved Ancestors were Victims of, there was no organized orchestrated action to mass destroy Black People within the confine of Chattel Slavery, our Ancestors were more vigilant, more Daring and more Challenging to that Institution call Chattel Slavery, than what a Holocaust experience signify.

    Our Enslaved Ancestors were in fact kidnapped away from their Home Land and by the attempt of White, Jewish, Religious effort to Enslave and Transform our Black Ancestors into what the oppressors consider to be Chattel that they owned, our Enslaved Ancestors Fought such Confinement and Transformation all through the Journey of their Enslavement.

    Many of our captured Ancestors made the decision as they journey the Middle Passage and during the Enslave Round-up and while Enslaved in captivity, untold number of our Ancestors decided that they would rather die than to be taken away from their Home-land and be placed in an institution of Chattel slavery, so most of our Ancestors Death was in fact by choice during the action being carried out by White / Jewish / Religious construction of that institution referred to as Chattel slavery, so there is a vast difference in the Jewish Holocaust and the White / Jewish / Religious Enslavement of our Black Ancestors.

    Jewish Holocaust represent Mass Destruction of Jewish People, yet on the other side where the construction of an institution referred to as Chattel slavery, the Mass Destruction that was taking place was not Physical but was Mental and where Death is involved within the Institution of chattel slavery, it came not as Black People Marching to their Death as Sheep going to be slaughtered, our Enslaved Ancestors and even those of us that refused to be Enslaved, they fought unto Death or until they were able to escape such a Brutal Institution as Chattel slavery.

    So No Beloved, there is no Black Holocaust in the way the Jewish people refer to their Ancestors Hitler experience, and for Black People to reference our Enslaved Ancestors gallant Fight until Death, against being Enslaved, as being victims of a Holocaust experience, is in fact a high tech lynching of our Enslaved Ancestors Bravery and Valor in the face of being Disrespected by us and by white, Jewish, Religious action regarding our Enslaved Ancestors, so much so, to the level of our Black Ancestors being treated as White/ Jewish / religious chattel, so when we refer to Chattel Slavery experience as a Black Holocaust, such is an act by Black People that demean our Enslaved Ancestors.

    Therefore, I consider Chattel Slavery is referencing our Enslaved Ancestors to represent a constant effort on their part in Action to be Free and they made the decision to either take their own Life in the Presence of Divine Freedom, attempting every chance they got, to escape away from that Brutal institution referred to as chattel slavery, so our Enslaved Ancestors met the greater measurement of their Death by either fighting for their Freedom or Self imposed Death in an effort to remain free, that is not a Holocaust experience but is a Brave and Self- Determine experience in pursuit of Life Liberation.

    So, when it come to what White / Jewish / Religious institution owe to Black People, it most certainly is not america, a Racist Unjustified Prejudice toward Black People system of government, that is dripping with the innocent Blood and Evil Human Being act of performing a Mental Transformation to the Mind of Black People, and is also with the Blood of the Ancestry of the so call "America" Native People, whom they found here when they arrived.

    So america is not owed to the Black Afrikan, only Afrika is owed to us and Statehood for the Children of those that are of our Enslaved Ancestors, so do White / Jewish / Religious people owe to Black People, descendants of our Enslaved Brave and Enduring Black Ancestors, Stolen America Land ? No, it is the Divine Black Afrikans desire not to be a part of such Thievery and murder, covered with the act of Lies and Deception, such being the Divine True M/O of the present day America.

    Until Black People come back in control of our own Environment, a Hellish and Godless Life we will continue to Live, with the result being that which you now observe of Afrika and the Black world.


    By Chief Elder Osiris:

    Beloved this is a request from me to anyone out there that can get this open Message to the Minister Ear and no one else, not the second, Third nor Fourth in command, but directly to Minister Farrakhan Ear and if you are out there and feel that you are qualified to meet my request of you, concerning this Missive, then this is what I desire for you to show to him.

    My Dear Beloved Minister Farrakhan, it has been a while since you an I sat down together, as a matter of fact, it was in the first part of the Nineties the last Time we Met, it being when I was invited to your Home by you, to Meet with you, even though over the course of Time, beginning with our acquaintance in 1979, many meetings did take place between you and I.

    Let me say to you my Dear Beloved Minister Farrakhan, the admiration and Respect with Love, which I have for you, such has not dissipated not one second.

    I know much has transpired over Time with you as well as with myself, but such a Reality should not be able to keep Two Friends from getting together again, because I have something to say to you that you need to hear and a Private Meeting between us is required, in order for me to share with you that which you need to hear coming from me.

    You know my brother, of the many meetings we have had over the course of our once close Brotherly friendship, the one that stand out in my Mind is when you were taking me and a Comrade of Mine back to OHare Airport and we stopped to have dinner before time for my Flight to leave Chicago and we talked about many things and you shared Things with me I will not repeat here, but the one Thing you shared with me, I can share with anticipation that you will remember what you shared with me, about me, my Dear Beloved Brother.

    I will not go into the details of the conversation that led you to make this comment to Me about Me, you said to me that I need not affiliate myself with any organize Religion, because I an a Serious Spiritual Man and that there is Much for me to do in regard to our People and I will not tolerate the going on that take place in Religion.

    Well beloved, at that time, I did not quite comprehend that you were telling me, now I know you saw in and of me, that at the Time I was not aware of concerning myself, but now today, I now know of that you saw of me, before I was able to See Myself, so based upon that factual Truth alone, Time has come to require that you and I meet again, before it become to late for either one of us to do so, and I will leave it at that.

    I can be reached at, 407-283-9349

    Hoteph My Beloved Brother And Friend

    Chief Elder
    Pan-Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    First Way Institute Of Afrikan ( Black ) Mysticism

    So, if there is anyone out there that feel like you are qualified to get this Message to my beloved brother, Minister Farrakhan, Please do so and let me know when the Mission is accomplished

    Here Is Loving you

    Chief Elder
    Pan-Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    First Way Institution of Afrikan Mysticism/Sankofa Repatriation Movement
    [email protected]
    [email protected]