Chief Elder Osiris : White Folks Morality And Black Folks Liberation!!!

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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Listen beloved, being divine is identifying the racism that have caused the down fall of the Black World, you can not be serious about your liberation if you are using the racist guideline to stifle and condemn your action of liberation and one way is informing Black people of the facts that have gotten us in the present condition we now are in and the way we express ourselves toward the very instrument that have taken our Divine Mind away from Black people.

    Without a mind that is free to think, such is causing Black people to always be cautious not to tell the Divine truth to Black People, therefore it is that Divine truth that reveal what really happen to us Black Folks and if our life freedom is important to us, then the truth about racism is in order, that is if Black people are serious about changing our image in the world and to tell Black people the Divine truth about what happen to us require that Black people in the know of the cause and effect racism have had on the psychic of Black people, require that the truth must be revealed about the racism that is as I speak, is causing Black Folks mental demise.

    You can not win your liberation without getting down on your knees into the trenches in a fight for your liberation and you being always self condemning of how the Divine Freedom fighters are battling the practitioners of Racism, serve only to the advantage of the racist oppressors of Black people.

    It is Racism that identify the Racist, so how can you fight for your liberation and exclude identifying Racism, the problem with the Afrikan American Melting Pot Dwellers are that they have no desire to free themselves from America, they have become as American as Apple Pie, Hot Dog and Peanut at a ball game, everything the Afrikan American Melting Pot Dwellers do is predicated upon what white folks, Arabs Folks, and Jewish Folks religion has taught Black People about God, Heaven, and Life, so to use white folks classification of morality is to secure the ignorance of the Black World about the Divine Essence, the Universe, and our Black Selves.

    You Black People can not be serious about your Liberation if you are going to use as a guideline for your discipline the social, economic, and religious moral scale to govern our life action by, when in pursuit for Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan Liberation.

    Being Divine is being mentally qualified to identify the Racist that destroyed Afrikan Civilization and you now run around talking about white folks religious morality and is using such a scale to govern our life by and you have the gall to make claim about how the Garveyite Black Nationalist speak in America and how we choose to be real in identifying the Racism that still have Black People bounded.

    We who claim to be Black Afrikan Liberators yet we are using Racist guidelines and Racist morality to govern our action in American and in Afrika and the other parts of this planet, how sad and pitiful a Black people we have become, no longer do we know which way is up and which way is down, as we have lost our direction in life, a life that was once guided by our Divine Mind in a world now is gone to become the Human Being mind in a world now controlled by Lucifer Racist tactics, tactic that fully confuse the Mind of the Afrikan American Melting Pot Dwellers and in Afrika and in the outer world, it is that Human Being mind that now dominate the Human Beings action of Racism.

    Have you ever notice the Afrikan Americans when they are in their attack mode against the black Nationalist Liberator Fighters, how they flash the bar of life morality before you and how they indicate that the victims are to not delve into the racist bag in order to identify the evil of Racism and how they place the responsibility upon Black people to go all out to prove to the racist element in the world that we are in such a hurry to commit and submit to the racist scale of morality and to be moral in all that we do, which mean that Black people are not to uncover the racism that lay deep in the fabric of the oppressors of Black people world, have you?

    No, No beloved, if you are serious about Afrika and bringing Unity and respect back to the Black Afrikan Nation then you first must come to be able to reconcile with your blackness, because if you do not, then you will continue to live a life of self condemnation and self hatred over the fact you came here as a different phenotype than your racist oppressors did, they whom we now have mastered the lying and deceiving spirit of our racist oppressors, what a foolish and ignorant people many of us have become and get all bent further away from your originally mind when you hear the Divine Truth about your Afrikan Melting Pot Human Being spirit.

    Why should the victims of Racism always be white folks political correct, unless we are out to convince our racist oppressors that we are fully transformed and have willingly acquired the mind of our oppressors, which is why it become irritating to the Afrikan American Melting Pot Dwellers whenever they hear the Truth being told in Real Time about all of those who have a history of demeaning and oppressing the Black Afrikan Divided Nation today and it is caused by the Racism that the Afrikan American is in a hurry to forget and pretend that it no longer is in practice in America.

    So today Black people are acting as if we do not know that Racism is a part of the American Fabric, so if you love America you must learn to accept America Racism and no matter how well they camouflage it, there remain presence of racism in the mind of those who now control the world, America included.

    Black people have not done anything to make sure that our lives will no longer be exposed to the world racism, we have not given any indication to the racist in America and the world that we will no longer tolerate such a spirit toward us, because all we do is attempt to have our lives to conform to the racist moral scale of the Human Beings of the world, they with a record of oppressing, lying and deceiving the Black World.

    So what we have now among Black people, we have developed an illness toward the truth about racism when identified and spoken about by Black People, we go into a state of a psychological trauma when ever we hear and see Black People pointing out the racism of America, there are the Afrikan American Melting Pot Dwellers who just want to pretend that racism is dead and gone and any progress allowed by the forces of racism to come to us, we use it as if to prove that racism is no more.

    Well if that is the case in America then why is it that I do not see all of America prison doors swing open and allow Black folks to go free, why don't I see justice dancing with Black Folks in America, why don't I see our Children with smiles on their faces instead of a gun in their hand and I can go on and on and on to show that in America, Racism is alive and in practice and the biggest example of America Racist Spirit toward Black People is the fact that it is America racism that will not allow America to satisfy the debt of Reparation to our Enslaved Ancestors and not until each of those racist American items I have pointed out here is no more and been corrected, will I remain diligent in proclaiming Racism to be alive and practiced in America.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Selves, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    Pan-Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]