Black Christians : WHITE CELT~Haman-the-Agagite;[White Magog]

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    WHITE CELT~Haman-the-Agagite; [White Magog]

    This record becomes one major account as to why the history of the original Jews and the history of the original Iranians have become a confusion. Today, because of what happened in recent history with the formation of the western governments, millions and millions of white people that are connected to the ancient Persian experience whom came to be apart of the western system became re-categorized and became citizens in certain countries in the west. As a result of gaining certain privileges, many of these white people with predominantly dark straight-typed hair shed their eastern heritages to become classified as ‘Jewish Citizens’. This predetermined movement orchestrated by the western system was aimed against the original Jews, Black African-typed [Hamitic-typed] people in order to rape them of their human rights and force them and many other African-typed peoples out of Europe and into Africa. Once the Jewish citizenship period had transpired, then the attack on the Black presence in Europe and Asia began. However, the roots of this very movement goes way back in time and stems from an evil dark root of intense hate and envy.

    This movement began around 1492 and major propaganda was launched against the many Blacks that had been living in Eurasia for hundreds and hundreds of years. They were collectively called Moors by some but as a result of the propagandist movement that led to government decrees of EXPULSIONS, they collectively became known also as ‘INFIDELS’. At the same time that Blacks were plotted against for to go into an incredible existence in Africa whereby they would become pitted against each other in order to set up the Slave System, an appeal was made to strategic and certain white people of the Persian [and Russian] cultures to come into Europe along with the already present White Greeks, and receive the benefits for being classified as Jewish Citizens. It was a NEW WORLD ORDER. But hindsight reveals though, that these so-called ‘White Jews’ ignored the history of the past and one day, they would be forced to be reminded of it during what became known as THE HOLOCAUST. Because ultimately, this movement of Expulsions against the original ‘Black African’ Jews and others in 1492 and the Holocaust that would happened about 400 years later was a direct extension and an evil vengeance against the Blacks and the so-called Jews, due to the major event that occurred in ancient times as a result of the Medo-Persian system of whom had dramatically changed their format from a White Supremacist design to become bonded with the original Jews! This phenomenal epoch in history revolves around the historical fact that the king of the Medo-Persian empire married a Jewess, a Black woman named Esther. She became the queen of all the Medo-Persian system because she was married to Xerxes, the king of kings!

    This major historical event revolves around a major holiday that became a decree by Xerxes, the king of kings, and it was set to be observed every year on FEBRUARY 14, our VALENTINE’S DAY HOLIDAY! Therefore, should not this kind of BLACK HISTORY be brought up as a reminder every year especially because we have the benefit of having this very month allocated as our ‘BLACK HISTORY MONTH’!? We should always seek to capitalize on any and every opportunity to learn Black History, not just in America but all over the world. This holiday became known as PURIM and again, it was observed annually on FEBRUARY 14. The Creator God has a permissive will and he works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform. God allowed this human struggle to occur as a result of man’s own doing, but in turn he gave mankind the benefit to correct their own sin and all at the same time, correct history as well. For amazingly, this great king Xerxes [ie. Ahaseurus, Artaxerxes I] that so loved and honored his queen, set this major holiday to be on a day that brings back up even more wonders of the past. Not only was February 14 set to become the day of PURIM, but thousands of years prior even in the pre-flood times, it was the very ‘Christmas Day’ celebrated by the ancient ‘Egyptians’ [Kemet]! Furthermore, February 14 was honored as ‘the Years End Festival’ for thousands and thousands of years even up to the time of the New Kingdom period!

    February 14 was the date set to begin a ‘Years End Feast’ and can be pin-pointed to occur at a certain time in history as a result of the earth’s tilt. The earth’s tilt became calculated to be at a certain constant degree in relation to the sun and therefore becomes the confirmation that February 14 became a major date observed to mark this occurrence. This earth’s tilt becomes the reason why the earth began to have FOUR SEASONS along the equator. In addition, this would be the confirmation to the time that the ancient priest-scientist constructed their Calendars to have to compensate for this earth’s tilt and set up THE LEAP MONTH--of which became the month of FEBRUARY. They came to realize that in order to synchronize time, they had to compensate for the time gap that occurred between the moon cycle and the earth’s cycle in relation to the sun. Therefore, every three years, the ancient Egyptians would set aside a certain amount of days that began in the month of February and designated it as a separate ‘holy month of feast’ [FESTIVITIES] for one reason or another. It became their THIRTEENTH MONTH; Adar was the 12th month we know as February and Veadar was the 13th month, the second February , allocated to compensate for the leap days. By March 14-21 or thereabouts, the moon and the earth became aligned at the Spring Equinox and the first of the year festivities began! In between that initial time when this Leap Year holiday was set in ancient Egypt for the second month of February [Veadar, the 13th month] up until today, many governments that formed, altered their Calendars to compensate for the time gap and varied from the way it began in distant times. Some observed the leap period to be a week long festival, while some based it upon the solar cycle and only had one or two day leap periods on a yearly basis. Some began their leap period to began during the middle of March [Nisan] and their first month was moved to become April [Iyyar], the scientific second month of the year as did the Jews at other times in their history and etc. But alas!,-- PURIM became like ‘a time synchronization’! What was meant for evil became used for good.

    This history that revolves around a Black woman that became the queen of queens in ancient Iran has been so conveniently suppressed amazingly, out of the same emotions executed against a certain Black presence on this earth; an evil and intense form of hatred and envy. This too would be the same emotions of dark hatred and envy that became the mechanism to bring forth and repeat such history again in our modern times on an astonishing level that correlates to that very same event. Esther’s ethnic identity was not even known initially, by the king of kings himself, because she was so ‘fair skinned’ [light skinned], yet today’s antagonist continue to hide this fact by their orchestration of re-enactments of the story by their portrayal of Esther byway of anything but a light skinned ‘Black’ African-typed woman; as if there’s a shortage. Victoria Principal would be one example. Even though she has no immediate connection to the Black experience, ethnically or culturally, she was cast as Esther. Yet, there are well known actresses such as Vanessa Williams of which could have been so much more in line with truth. How many light skinned Africans and African Americans exist today that are not even bi-racial, but ‘Black’ and have both parents that are culturally from our Slave Ship experience? Many. But yet, we are constantly deprived and deceived of the truth in every way possible in this system today. However, the script bares record of the truth. And in those ancient times a Median king of kings drastically changed his system from a white supremacist format to one that supported Black freedom!… And their descendants today have also become recipients of an evil pre-meditated movement of revenge upon them for that very event. They paid a heavy price for their history. It would be for this reason that when I am faced with a so-called ‘White European-typed Jew’ who have cultural ties to the experience of the Holocaust, and they claim to be just that, ‘a Jew’, I don’t resist. Let God be the judge for them that say they are Jews and are not. Because the facts are as such that during that time in history of the Medo-Persian empire, many ancient Medo-Persians did intermix with the original Jews and other Blacks as well. Also, many Jews at that time were afforded the governmental protection to maintain their cultural identity and many of them did not migrate back to their own inherited lands but remained apart of the Persian experiences on upward through the times even when the Romans
    conflicted with the Persians and onward. The Medo-Persians are a divided people in their very origins. Some of them maintained a history of White Supremacy while others aggressively did not but bonded with the Black Hamitic-typed man and woman. Many of them were slave ship masters while others became apart of the Black experience and was persecuted along with the Black man and woman…Therefore, I search history and will not willingly be the white man’s puppet.

    ESTHER 3:1, 5-10, 13. *[the 13 th day of Adar~ February 13]
    ESTHER 7:1-2, 4-9.
    ESTHER 8:2-3, 6-10, 12, 16. *[127 provinces from India to Ethiopia~ extent of Persian empire]
    ESTHER 9: 12, 16, 18-22, 26. *[Purim; a yearly festival celebrated on February 14 & 15]

    In 1474 when Isabella became queen of Castile, Ferdinand was made co-ruler of the united Kingdoms of Castile and Aragon. This couple was destined to change &
    dramatically the fate of Spain. The fight against the infidel Moors was their main goal…Twelve years later, in 1492, the final war against the Moors ended with the conquest of Granada.

    Converso and Morisco are the terms applied to those Jews and Muslims who converted to Christianity in large numbers and usually under duress in late medieval Spain.

    The Conversos and Moriscos in Late Medieval Spain and Beyond | Brill

    Converso and Morisco are the terms applied to those Jews and Muslims who converted to Christianity (mostly under duress) in late medieval Spain. Converso and Moriscos Studies examines the manifold cultural implications of these mass convertions.