Black Poetry : White America

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    SIZE="4"][/SIZE]Just feeling a little frustrated in my life right now and needed to vent. Thanks for being my sounding board Destee family.

    Dear America,
    I too am your daughter.
    Why do you not love me as you do my brothers and sisters?
    Is it because they have pale skin, straight hair, and blue eyes?
    You treat me as if I'm a stepchild. I was born here too!

    You used my ancestor's backs to rise up to the mighty nation you are today. Why do you shun me and throw me away?
    Although times have changed and my people are no longer in chains.
    You have set me up to fail.
    Even though you can not force me to use the back door of a resturaunt, sit in the rear of the bus, or work your land;
    you serve me last, buses are the only affordable means of transportation, and you own the factories where I work.

    My snow white brothers and sisters are quick to advance while I struggle to make a stand. A stand against your cruel ways. A stand against unfair treatment of all nationalities.

    Since you cannot physically beat me, you whip me emotionally. You kill my fathers and brothers 'accidentally', for having candy bars in their pockets. Leaving lonely mothers to hug me and love me. Then you take them too, sending them to war. Now I am truly your child America. Reliant on you for all my needs.

    You have succeeded in breaking me down.
    But instead of creating someone docile and weak; you've giving me the strength I need to survive this life. So, don't complain about the few weak-minded the criminals, drug addicts, and thieves that you have created.

    You have mistreated my people, lynched and burned them. But like phoenix's we will rise from the ashes of our ancestors and be even greater than our predecessors.​
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    word up our hub will rise far beyond what america would think