Black Short Stories : *** Whippings Part 2

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    *** WHIPPINGS PART 2 a fictional story
    By Andre Austin

    The Scene:

    Its Friday. I’m inside my local college cafeteria. Within the cafeteria there’s a bubble glass area stocked with several of the latest computers for students use. I’m trying to spit my game with this older woman having no luck. I’m sipping on some hot chocolate wishing I had some hot chocolate in bed with this lady who has stood me up time after time. I guess I will have to keep the Hennessy on the rocks. Suddenly, a female is talking on her cellular phone next to me while she surfs the internet. Common courtesy says to step out the bubble for your telephone chat and step back in when your finished. Usually I pay no attention to peoples riff raff idle chatter but apparently she was speaking with her child’s teacher. I was interested in the conversation because my schooling is geared towards an occupation in the public schools in some type of capacity. A brief synopsis of the conversation between the mother, teacher, Grandmother and twelve-year-old child is available for your review, reaction and opinions. Consider this like a mini symposium in academia in action.

    Mother: Ok, I’m sorry that she has been causing problems and disrupting the classroom. When she gets back from her suspension you will see a change in her.

    Teacher: Your daughter is a smart student and she just have to separate her popularity and socialization from her classroom learning time. Socialization is fine during lunch, recess and gym but not when I’m trying to give math lessons on the blackboard.

    Mother: Ok that’s fine and I’m gonna get to the bottom of this.

    Teacher: Ok thanks for calling.

    Mother: Ok bye, bye.

    Mother then makes another call to her apartment house.

    Grandmother: Hello

    Mother: Put Bridgett on the phone.

    Grandmother: She sleep.

    Mother: Wake her up!!!!

    Bridgett: Hello

    Mother: I just got off the phone with your teacher and she told me everything. Now I gave you an opportunity to tell me what happened and you said you didn’t do nothing. So you lied didja you not.

    (Much crying)

    Bridgett: I’m sorry mom. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.

    Mother: So now you know whats gonna happen when I get home.

    Bridgett: Mom I’m so sorry.

    Mother: Okay you said your sorry, you’ve said it, you only have to say it once. I’m beating your *** when I get home because I’ve told you to keep your mouth shut in class. Education is one thing they can’t take away from you. And you grounded for two weeks. You better get all your fun out of the TV and play station and your room because its all coming out when I get home.

    Bridgett: Mom please don’t whip me, I’m really am sorry.

    Mother: Naw, you gone learn. Put your mother on the phone because I don’t even wanna talk to you right now.

    Grandmother: Hello

    Mother: Mom don’t be babying her up. I’ll be home after I finish up with my classes at about 1 or 2.

    Grandmother: Ok I’ll see you then

    Mother: Alright bye, bye.

    Now I was not there to witness the beating but I could imagine what took place. Bridgett, a bright rising star child probably and most likely she’s gonna get a old fashioned down south Black Mama *** whiping. I didn’t get whippings when I was growing up. But through my readings, interviews and other sources I can imagine. I remember one time my mom took me over her sisters house in the late seventy’s. One of my aunt’s daughters was caught trying to sneak back in the house from going to a party on a Friday night. She came in the door Saturday morning. Her mother asked her where and why she was sneaking out. Her daughter rolled her eyes up in the air and shaped her face with a half frown and smirk. My aunt then told her youngest daughter to wake up her father and tell him that Jennifer just got in. Jennifer father went into her room and immediately demanded that she strip Butt naked. Jennifer took off everything except her pannies. Her father then pointed to the draws and ordered her to drop them too. Jennifer then spoke out loud: “My pannies too”. Her father then said “Everythang”. Jennifer then knew she wasn’t in for any ordinary beating he was getting ready to lay it on to her. Jennifer then said: “can’t you wait until the company leaves we got visitors in the living room with mom”.Her father then said: “I don’t give a ****”. And proceeded to wear her *** out. My aunt then told my mother and self that when we leave she’s going to get another whipping from her. He believed her husband was too light and their children we taught their parents were united in their rewards and punishments.

    Now let it be remembered this was in the 1970’s were it was considered healthy and normal to whip your kids. Some of the TV sitcoms like Whats Happening!!! and Good Times showed black kids getting whippings. They didn’t actually show the whipping but did show the belt and them being taken to their bedrooms.

    These cycle of *** whippings come to us from slavery days. We still haven’t broken the cycle of the whip. It’s even suggested the modern slang term “Butt Naked” comes from when some slaves worked out in the fields with no clothes and had to bend over to pick up things and or when slave masters whipped their slaves often times stripped and hanging upside down.

    From what I gathered from my sources some *** whippings are designed to humiliate and force their kids into submission. Black Mama’s talk to their kids while they administer the lashing and ask their kids questions. The questions are designed to elicit confessions, snitch on others involved and verbally repent. The repentance involves repeated screams of “I wont do this no more” and “I’m sorry“. All designed to get children’s mind right which they think gives them a so-called psychological therapy. We as a black community must break this chain this cycle this left over slave mentality so that our kids creativity and thrive and grow.

    Working class and middle class parents must emerge some important values with their children. Working class and Welfare parents teach their kids Obedience to authority figures like teachers, conformity, and good manners. Middles class encourage independence, creativity and individual initiative. These child-rearing values stir the lower class towards blue-collar and service jobs. Because African-Americans are disproportionately poor many school institutions encourage and reinforce this socialization of Black kids. You may have smart and intelligent black kids from middle-class homes who are caught up in this web and cycle. We have counselors not stirring these kids into college prep classes, allow parents to ruff up their kids on schools grounds. Schools also self-perpetuate punishment over discipline which comes from the historical way society has interacted with the black community like it’s a police action. Law and order, security and more important than education. We have organization like the Coalition against militarism in schools that are exposing military recruitment of minority kids through deceptions and are given signals they are not fit for higher learning. The problem is society links poor people for conscription into fields like the military that focus on obedience, conformity, good manners with difference to self without any cultivation of mind and self.

    In my previous *** whipping series the consideration of *** whippings shouldn’t be taken literally but get Tough Love and get tough policy on gangs and criminals. We got Jokers, comedians and haters who make light on my commentary. Grow up!
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    I like how you did pt 2 to this whipping tale pt. 3 pleaseeeee!!!!!