Black Poetry : while kissing you I have to listen to your heartbeat because you part street search all around and never touch the ground like a fire ball and boys d


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May 11, 2006
while kissing you
I have to listen to
your heartbeat
because you part street
search all around
and never touch the ground
like a fire ball
and boys desire to call
my cell phone
oh well I'm not at home
you best be polite
because I'm in flight
like a kite awight?
I have pie and jive
and boys wanna skydive
between my thighs
my luck is phat
but I have to duck that
take notes of this
they're great quotes and a kiss
my brain stay in a dimension
so I have to pay attention
my body be hot a lot
so its lotty dotty on the spot
so I'm guided by my hormones
and collides with a boy at home
he really wanted some his tone
of voice tells a lot, I guess the club
is better but he wanted a love
letter the upkeep of my luck
is deep its from the corrupt
streets, see boys and duck”
a love affair so now and then
I can get some tongue and end
up in bed its not a sin
my facts are legal
and not an act of evil”
“SO boys become beagle
hounds on feeble grounds
hunting around
for chicks they're bound
to find one, I'm a chick
swift and like a stick
shift boys wanna drive
it hard but gonna survive”
through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH
because my lip are red butters
and ahead of all others
and the love spread and smothers
whackness and love bed covers
“OK BOO its time you teach
me about your FILOPINO body
your flesh and bones
wanna take your breasts home
and oh yes be alone”
“MY HIPS fine in the club
this is a sign of love
don't have time for a scrub
and you wanna a divine hug
but no can do
I don't plan to
even get trapped
behind your wet rap
so let me get a map”
“AW GIRL I enjoy every inch of this
so boo how bout a French Kiss?”
“NAW I'LL pass”
gave her raw smile fast
“girl you can hurl butt instead
while we curl up in bed”
“Yeah I remember in December
a boy knocked at my door timber-
land boots on his feet he called me
cute and sweet, disaster soon to be
and I want some afternoon tea
before that happen”
he's at the door rapping
“girl you have plenty flavor
and I'm down for any favor
you can give
my plan is to live
and love you girl”
oh one hug could hurl
things around” “I'm Americanize
and characterize as wise
now my dress is down
don't want to mess around
and end up in bed
as a sweaty queen
with a steady stream
of juice is in my panties
oh my gown flew open
he grabbed my waist I started choking
him with tongue he was hoping
to get some my body was smoking
may try for a stage career
but this is not a page sincere
in my life and its really clear
that he want some, “Boo lets
go to your room
couldn't ignore his tune
it destroyed my self confidence
since he's deft and convinced
about sex oh wow this make no sense
but here I am walking around
and talking in a gown
oh this is a true tragic
and like Blue Magic
what come over me
became much bolder to see
a boy at my door
enjoy being at the store more
oh a PHILLIPINE GIRL go through
a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH a new
boy at my home to try for pie
this guy can lie
but it sound good
he was shook on my perfume
he jest took me to the room
true no doubt
sex is throughout
the bed room
my lips red and soon
to be kissed
he see my brisk
body, he gave me a fine boss
VIRGINIA BEACH kiss my mind was lost
I don't even my panties coming off
he jest squeezed my waist
and teased my pantie lace
“oh please let me taste
you boo?” he was not shy
he wanted hot pie
his plot is to try
and get some
my lips is a red thirst
and boys try dive in head first


My dress is poco dotted stable and soft
remind me of a spotted tablecloth
boys wear all types of dew rags
some looks like the stripes on a flag
when street boys around
have to keep the noise down
milk from my breast nips pour and spill
equip with the mind of a whippoorwill
I'm sweaty got pie today
and ready to fly away
my HIP HOP English is extreme
have to distinguish between
good and bad
some boys from the hood and mad




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