Chief Elder Osiris : Which Way Is It, Who Owe Whom?

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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Black Woman And Man, know the tree by the fruit it bear, now that mean not
    only by how some one act and behave in life, it also mean how some one
    Think, through conversation as well.

    As you know, my position is very clean and clear on what I think about
    Reparation and how it got to become the most compelling issue to be raised
    by the AfroDescendants in america, as well as other parts of the Diaspora.

    So tell me my beloved, should we just sit back and allow those of us who
    have no respect for Reparation to say all sorts of foolish and unreasonable
    things regarding Reparation and the action that took place during Chattel
    Slavery, in our pursuit to escape that horror?

    What true Afrikan would raise the question, who owe Reparation to our
    Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors in america?

    To all of the freedom fighters among our people during that most evil Time
    for us Black Afrikans, their efforts need not to be tainted by suggesting
    that the success of their action was all because of the help of white people
    and we owe white people for what success was experienced during those Times
    of escape from the hand of the enslavers.

    Have we forgotten so quickly the spiritual aspect of our life and action and
    even though whites may have been compelled to participate in the effort to
    rescue some of our Enslaved Ancestors, do not confuse the energy of God with
    a decision of white folks action during that Time of Chattel Slavery.

    Everything white folks did to make the journey to safety and not freedom,
    for the Chattel Enslaved, during Chattel Slavery, was in my understanding an
    act of trying to pay a debt they knew was being mounting each moment that
    our Enslaved Ancestors was held in that devilish institution call Chattel
    slavery and whether we know it or not, such action was to be and the
    participants in that action had no say so in the matter.

    When we are able to conceive of and understand the unfolding of events and
    in this case, Chattel Slavery, from a Spiritual awareness, then we will not
    be going around misinterpreting the action of white folks when they make an
    attempt to correct the evil action of some of their family members toward
    Black people.

    Granted, every good deed and every perfect deed is the action of an
    unselfish and responsible mind and such a behavior is caused by an energy
    that is beyond the action and decision of mankind,therefore what happen
    during Chattel Slavery Time, in an effort to cause some who was Enslaved by
    white folks, to reach a temporary haven of safety, was the action of the
    universal gods, thereby causing the players in such action to have no choice
    but to do what they did and yes we are thankful, but we most certainly do
    not owe white folks anything in this regard, Chattel Slavery in particular.

    Now, let us deal with Reparation and who it is that is indebted to pay
    Reparation. It is a fool who would attempt to plant the seed of belief in
    the mind of the AfroDescendants in america, for purpose to cause the
    children of our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors to believe that we owe our
    mothers and fathers who endured Chattel Slavery, Reparation.

    Before I do,let me say, I purposely used the term belief because no sound
    thing True Afrikan could and would have come up with such an expression of a
    slave mentality to claim that we owe our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors

    The children of our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors are indebted to our Enslaved
    mothers and Fathers for only one thing and that is to take them back home to

    It is our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors who have laid the foundation and
    given us the cause to demand the debt from the creators and implementers of
    ChattelSlavery,in the form and effort that Reparation so represent to our
    Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors.

    Chattel Slavery is an act that has been carried out to destroy both mind
    and body of a segment of the Afrikan Family, who was in fact taken away from
    their home land against their will and was made to do the bidding of white
    folks, from sun up to sun down and all through the night, wearing the
    identity of being only worth 3/5 of a Hue - Man Being, the highest form of
    disrespect that can be shown from one human being to another Hue - Man

    You want to know who owe Reparation, the fact that a question is raised in
    this regard, by no way demean the issue of Reparation but it most certainly
    demean those who would raise such a question and then go a step further in
    suggesting that the victims is indebted to the victims themselves for the
    action of those who invented such a devilish institution as Chattel Slavery.

    I am appealing to all true Black Nationalist,every time we see such
    foolishness attempting to be sowed in the mind of Black Folks concerning
    Reparation, we must respond with all of the vigor as the confusing
    deceivers, in their attempt to misguide us about the True meaning and
    purpose for Reparation,a scared and divine issue that it is.

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth!!!

    We Must Cause Trouble Until Our Liberation!!!

    Complete Love To The Carbon Afrikan Nation.

    Chief Elder
    Hierophant, Afrikan Spiritualist
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
    The Pan - Afrikan Inter'National Movement
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    speak da truth , feeling this here and knowing , the mind runs deep