Black People : Which state - "South of the Canadian border" - treats black people fairly?

Imo the civil war never actually I point..........we still fight'n for the right to vote.

On a 'lighter' note, while I read the best state my mind said the least bad state.

Yes, I changed the title from best to fairly, and even that is lacking some.

Systemic Racism has remained, which is what slave owning states wanted, then and now.

Thanks for sharing.



Considering West Virginia is on both of those lists, makes me think I don't want to mess with West Virginia.

With Joe Manchin being a senator from West Virginia who is a good ole boy Republican masquerading as a Democrat, I see why this contradiction exists.

I'll pass on West Virginia......... it's a trap.


Peace and Blessings Brother @Precise Allah ... :yaay: :yaay: :yaay:

It is sooooo good to see you in the house, read you, everything! :)

Looking at West Virginia, compared to Virginia - West Virginia is least racist!

Surprisingly, West Virginia had more free blacks in 1860, than it had blacks! :eek2:

Virginia appears to have enriched itself with slave labor.

And again, between these two, the most racist based on enslaving Africans, has the most black people in it now.

WVA - blacks now : 86,426 - % of blacks in 1860 : 5.6% - % of free blacks in 1860 : 13.1%

VA - blacks now : 1,820,891 - % of blacks in 1860 : 43.3% - % of free blacks in 1860 : 10.5%

I'm no mathematician and I'm getting old and can hardly see ... but West Virginia looks good.

Thanks for letting us / me read you again! :love:

Much Love and Peace!


no state treats us fairly. you have to pick your poison.

Right Brother James, they are all under the constitution, which determined we could be bought, sold, less than a man, no rights, etc., right. I get it ... buuuuut ... if we're gonna be here, we can at least know which states did us worse.

For example, per these graphs from Wikipedia, not all states took part in slavery, even though they could. That does say something for those states. Yes, they are all under the same constitution, and no doubt benefitted from slavery anywhere in the land - but they did not do it themselves.

Do you think that says something, or are they all just like Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, etc., that profited greatly from the sale of black men, women, and children and fought to keep doing it forever?




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