Black People : Which state - "South of the Canadian border" - treats black people fairly?

Jan 22, 2001
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Peace and Blessings Family,

Given what appears to be a civil war do-over, happening before our eyes, it made me think about leaving the South.

I remember my Mother never understanding my desire to remain here.

Now, with white folk as brazen as they are, this thought has crossed my mind, leaving the South.

As I think on this, I'm reminded of what our Beloved Ancestor Malcolm X said :

“If you black, you were born in jail, in the North as well as the South. Stop talking about the South. As long as you South of the Canadian border, you South. So we’re trapped, trapped, double-trapped, triple-trapped. Any way we go, we find that we’re trapped. And every kind of solution that someone comes up with is just another trap.”

I'd counter perhaps (respectfully), that some of these "southern states" are better than others.

Would you agree or is it all the same "South of the Canadian border"?

Which state "South of the Canadian border" treats black people fairly?

Is there anywhere in the world that black people are not mistreated?



Hi Brother James ... I don't know ... :thinking: ... :)

Looking for info on California racism specifically, brought me to Wikipedia :

They have some very interesting information, easy to understand.

You can see where black people are now, and California ranks high with 2,782,446 of us living there (2019). Suggesting they must be doing something right. Then you have Georgia with 3,996,697 black people, and they are on the most racist state list above, legislation to hinder black people from voting, shooting black men while jogging, etc., and we're there in droves. So maybe us being in a place enmasse, is not necessarily an indicator of the state's racist behavior or lack thereof(?).


You can see which states enslaved our Ancestors in 1860 (my highlight), prior to the Emancipation Proclamation. This shows where slavery thrived. You can also see states that had no enslaved Africans. Those states might need to get extra points.


This image shows how many of us were free before the Emancipation Proclamation, in each state :


All in all, I'm leaning toward the states that freed us before a law was required to do so. I always did wanna live in Alaska ... :snow: ... grow / kill my own food, chop wood ... :chop: ... fight bears, etc.




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