Black Spirituality Religion : Which Religions are "Made by God" and which are "Made by Man?"

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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It's been suggested that some religions are "Made by God" and some are "Made by Man." Can we discuss which ones you think are God-Made and which ones are Man-Made?





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May 11, 2003
Okay, I am fully prepared to catch fire on this topic, but hey -- that's cool. Not like I havent been in that BBQ pit before. lmao.

i could make a pretty exhaustive list, but i dont wanna type for that long

  • Church of Scientology: its spiritual founder was a wife beater, pedophile and uncontrollable liar.
  • Nation of Islam: This is a political organization, not a religion. You dont even need to bring a Koran to services. Its because they rarely teach from it. A minister gives sprinklings of it in what can only be referred to as a political-socio commentary.
  • Bahia: God asked them to take elements of several religions and make it into one, but forgot to tell the religious leaders and followers of the other religions? I thinks not.
  • Mormons: God gave you a second set of holy tablets? To a bunch of people that were notorious racists and chauvinists? Again, highly unlikely.
  • All variants of Islam being practiced in the U.S. by AF-AMs that are offshoots of Noble Drew Ali, UNIA and NOI. These are political orgs in their beginnings and many, especially as they are being practiced in the South and on the East Coast, are nothing more than hideouts for black pedophiles and drug dealers. I wont even bother naming all of them. But if they are rocking a star and crescent with a 7, they are on the list. If they use egyptian symbology in their artwork and/or call themselves nubians - add 'em.
  • Black Herbew Israelites & all derivatives.
  • Modern charimastic christian churches in Africa. (dont even get me started on suspect behavior)[/list=a]

    God created:
    • Islam. although i consider it to be holding and prepetuating some seriously evil ways for the past several thousand years.
    • Judiasm. But they are still exhibiting much of what got Jesus crucified, when do people learn?
    • All traditional Asian religions.
    • All genuine/old school Native American traditions
    • All traditional african religions
    • Old school Wicca in Europe, NOT what they practice today in U.S.
    • Christianity comes from some real roots, but it in itself exhibits so many negative and evil ways, it makes it hard to view it as a legitimate voice of God. So I am 50/50 on this one.

      my list, my opinion. Aqil, before you even start-It aint my thread. if you gotta come at me, be detailed because i am only going to answer you personally once, you are way too emotional to get myself wrapped up in a discussion with you.


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Apr 22, 2003
I have a question. Did jesus teach religion or was his main interest was to teach us how to be more GOD like? Surely the practice of being God like is a religous action, but which one holds the most significance, The practice or the being? I am just wondering what others think? Thanks Destee that is a very interesting question. It raises many questions.


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Feb 3, 2001
New York
Originally posted by Destee:
It's been suggested that some religions are "Made by God" and some are "Made by Man." Can we discuss which ones you think are God-Made and which ones are Man-Made?



Let us define the word "religion" first:

The word “religion” is derived from the Latin word “religo,” which means to tie, to fasten, or bind back. The words “ligament” and “legion” are also derived from the Latin root word “religo.” Religion really means the scientific understanding of the Supreme Controller of the Universe; to understand the Supreme Controller and to obey His laws.

No religion – which is simply a set of externalized and formalized ideas – is indispensable. Only truth is indispensable, for it shines with a light that is instantly and universally recognized. Unlike dogmatism, which is invariably divisive, truth has a unifying effect, because it is a manifestation of the oneness of life and being...

God's Creation - the Universe and all that is contained therein - is His "religion," if you will...


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Feb 16, 2001
memphis, Tn
I agree Destee, very good question.

My stance?

There are NO religions created by God. Man created all of them.

Yes there were those who recieved divine words from God and they were handed down in verbal form and subsequently recorded. However, in EVERY religion man has interviened with interpretations and rules that have not come from GOD yet they have gotten many people to believe that they have.

Therefore, we are left with our only two ways to be more God like. Prayer and Faith. Neither of these lends itself to being apart of a religious denomination, only worshiping God.

The following of a set of rules and regulations other than Love God and Love thy Neighbor makes for religion and IMHO, in many cases, PREVENTS us from being as Godly as we can be.

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