Black People : Where You Going to Go When You Die?

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    Or better yet, where will you be transferring your consciousness and genes to. A heavenly place? Somewhere where you can chill all day long? The ghetto in heaven Tupac talked about? Is the answer up to you?

    Horizontal gene transfer (HGT), also Lateral gene transfer (LGT), is any process in which an organism incorporates genetic material from another organism without being the offspring of that organism. By contrast, vertical transfer occurs when an organism receives genetic material from its ancestor, e.g. its parent or a species from which it evolved. Most thinking in genetics has focused on the more prevalent vertical transfer, but there is a recent awareness that horizontal gene transfer is a significant phenomenon. Artificial horizontal gene transfer is a form of genetic engineering.

    The Pharaohs knew how to tap into their minds and their bodies for knowledge. In some way--maybe by using the sky and stars as a map for the tiny quantum world--they could see the activity of proteins and molecules on chemical reaction pathways. Sure, our modern scientists can see the same activity, but they use high-tech equipment. The funerary texts describe an amazing knowledge of science that was masked in a religious literature. In The Isis Thesis, over 870 of these Egyptian religious signs are decoded, and they explain a real chemical reaction pathway advised by the Pharaohs that our modern scientists call horizontal gene transfer. We all know about vertical gene transfer, which is when a parent passes its DNA to its offspring. But just recently, our scientists have discovered that horizontal gene transfer is happening everywhere. In this process the organism transfers its DNA to another cell that is not its offspring - a different species. What our modern scientists do not know is that horizontal gene transfer can happen to the human genetic essence after death. Eight different funerary texts spanning 2000 years of Egyptian history insist this can be done if your genes are in the right place at the right time.