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Dec 13, 2010
Texas...for now.
*girly gasp*

A pet forum?!

For those who have a pet, what animal and breed is it? Where did you get it from? For those who are looking to get a pet, would you rather get it from the pet store, buy it from a friend or from an animal shelter?

I got my two rabbits from a pet store in town. I am in a way glad that I did not get mine from a shelter and especially not from a friend or previous owner because although it would most likely be trained potty wise and spayed or neutered, I feel it would be harder to bond with them due to possible past abuse they have experienced. Plus I truly relish the feeling of being the first owner of the pet. :) However, I am not against me getting a rabbit from a shelter, because in all reality that was my original plan, but it fell through lol.

So what about you guys?
Rabbits freak me out. *laugh* They're cute, but just too rodent-like. I can deal with a mongoose, though. Oddly enough.

I have chihuahuas! 3 girls:
- 'Mimi Belle' (hence my screenname) is my long-haired fawn.
- 'Paris Loren' is spotted. A short-hair.
- 'Simone' is my youngest at about 1 year. She's a a shorthair.

Pet stores are fine for other animals. The verdict's still out on cats, though.
But -- if we're talking about dogs? The soapbox is coming out:

Do NOT buy puppies from pet stores!
You've no idea where that puppy really came from and neither does the pet store. They sell an 'inferior product' because many do get their pups from questionable/backyard breeders. It's a crap shot. Sometimes, you luck out. Other times...
The pup will make it home with the owner before they just take ill (with parvo and everything else) and keel over. The owner's out of a lot of money with nothing but a dead puppy to show for it.

I tend to detest irresponsible breeding regardless of species. *laugh*
Buying from pet stores is supporting just that. That's why so many cities have breeding problems and stray dogs all over the place. There was a Chi (chihuahua) stray problem a few years back in California, I believe.
...because people are just throwing similar looking dogs together to make money and what's the end result?
-- Pit bulls, dalmations and cockers with temperament problems...because people are purposely breeding aggression into them.
-- Chi's (chihuahua's and other toybreeds) with respiratory issues and hip problems... because people are breeding them to be pocket-sized. Too small to support bodily function. Yet, everyone wants a 'teacup'. :rolleyes:
There's no such thing as a 'teacup' yorkie/chi/maltese. The AKC has a list of average standards. If you've a 'teacup'? Your dog's probably the runt.

That's why we have all of these malti-poos, yorkipoo, yorkadoodles, 'pukeaschitzes' and all other sorts of poorly-bred foolisheness.

Mind you -- I'm no breed purist. *laugh*
These pups need loving homes, too. I love mixed breeds...but there's a reason why you'd pay exorbitant prices for a pure-bred. It doesn't make any sense to me why anyone would pay $500-1000 for a 'maltipoo'. Once these dogs emerge from the puppy stage, larger and different looking than the owner's preconcieved notion of what a 'malti-poo' should look like?
They're likely to end up in the shelters...with the other mutts. Euthanized.
Purebreds get first dibs, even there.

If you want a dog?
- Seek out a reputable breeder. There's a difference between someone who breeds to improve the quality of the breed and those who are just throwing similar looking animals together to make a profit. If they'd agree to ship a puppy to you 'by air'? Back away. A genuine breeder who cares for their animals wouldn't think to put a scared puppy in dark cargo hold or give their dog away without looking at the prospective buyer...or give the puppy away without 'fixing' it.
If the facilities are unkept looking with several breeds of dogs all over the place? Back away.
If the '*****' looks in ill-health with her uterus hanging out and she's busting out litters every 5 months? Back away.
- Go to the animal rescue for your breed. Those pups need homes, too.
- Go to the shelter. These pups have been 'thrown away'. They need homes, too.

ANYWAY, 'Mimibelle' comes from a lineage of champions. She's 'show' quality. She's just beautiful. Before I got her, I wanted a maltese. Actually. I'd never seen a long-haired Chi before. She's intact but I don't believe that I'll ever breed her, though.

'Simone' came from a friend of a friend. She's constantly misbehaving.

'Paris' is a rescue. Poorly bred. She's such a sweet little girl. Very easy going temperament. She was mute when I got her...imagine that. She's quite fearful of men, but she's warmed to my fiance. Her wounds are so much physical as they are psycho-social.


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Nov 15, 2009
A reputable breeder & rescue are my preferences. Although strays have been known to show up, including a raccoon with a severed leg and a hawk with a broken wing. They seem to know which house to go to.

We have two giant breed males, one pet quality, the other a retired show boy with a few working titles we may try for. A male Green Cheek Conure with one leg, but wings that fly so duck! And a male American short haired cat. Had an old world male Arabian (beautiful) who we sold a while ago. And have had various, snakes and lizards etc. It can be a zoo around here sometimes. We've got it down to a dull roar right now. Although every once and awhile we fancy another horse and a blue and gold Macaw.

Nice that there is a pet forum.


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Dec 12, 2002
yeah i always thought it was the other way around. i thought that it's better to get it from the pet store rather than somewhere else. interesting what you learn everyday. I learned something else today. yay me!


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Feb 26, 2013
Maybe I'll just get one from my uncle. That's what the rest of the fam does. lol

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