Pets / Animals : Where would you rather get your pet?


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Dec 12, 2002
For those who have a pet, what animal and breed is it? Where did you get it from? For those who are looking to get a pet, would you rather get it from the pet store, buy it from a friend or from an animal shelter?

I got my two rabbits from a pet store in town. I am in a way glad that I did not get mine from a shelter and especially not from a friend or previous owner because although it would most likely be trained potty wise and spayed or neutered, I feel it would be harder to bond with them due to possible past abuse they have experienced. Plus I truly relish the feeling of being the first owner of the pet. :) However, I am not against me getting a rabbit from a shelter, because in all reality that was my original plan, but it fell through lol.

So what about you guys?

Jan 22, 2001
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Over the years my children have had pets, and someone usually gave it to us.

Being a Single Mother ... shooo ... i koodn't hardly feed the chiren, let alone buy and feed a pet!

Ours were usually given to us ... though i'm gett'n vague memories of buying a hamster ... :thinking:

hmmmm ... well ... most all were free ... to start with ... :)




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Apr 12, 2012
No pets right now but I can only have a dog

Nope no cats. A dog will stand and bark in front your enemy , go down with you. A cat will run away faster than u say will i am . scared p_ussy cat


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Jan 31, 2009
Shelters and rescues probably offer just about anything someone could be after from a private/specialized breeder. They can also help you with getting the pets fixed and those initial sets of immunizations. They're my preference.


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Oct 15, 2005
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I'm thinking of the pet store option...that, or thru a newspaper ad. I want an AKC pixie bob kitten (at least 6 wks old). I once raised a pixie bob AKC kitten that belonged to my housemate and fell in love with it! I might not have been the owner of that cat, but it wound up being MINE! At least, until I moved out, and had to say goodbye to my Shadow...:em18: Before then, you couldn't have PAID ME to give a hang about any kind of pet.

Just goes to show.

One Love, and PEACE

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