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    Where Would Jesus Bank?
    author: Catherine Austin Fitts
    We hereby declare our transformation from the financial behavior which is destroying our country and our world.

    We are not going to wait for November. We are voting now.

    We are not going to ask more Congressmen, Commissions, Administration Representatives or Presidential Candidates for help.
    "When in the Course of human events,
    it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the {financial} bonds which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the {financial} separation."
    -- Adaptation of the American "Declaration of Independence"*

    A Declaration of Financial Transformation

    We hereby declare our transformation from the financial behavior which is destroying our country and our world.

    We are not going to wait for November. We are voting now.

    We are not going to ask more Congressmen, Commissions, Administration Representatives or Presidential Candidates for help.

    We have the power of our votes in the marketplace.

    We are going to exercise that power now!

    July 4th Countdown
    Our kickoff date is July 4th. We are calling for 600,000 people* worldwide to join us in pulling our checking accounts, certificates of deposits, credit cards and other business out of multi-national banks such as Citibank, Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase, and switching to local, well managed community-friendly banks or credit unions.

    To prepare to do that in the manner that enhances your immediate financial security, we invite you to start a Solari Circle today. A Solari Circle is a "moral conspiracy"of your trusted family, friends and neighbors. You come together to help each other figure out how to "cleanse" your money in a way that is good for you and those you love. That starts by making sure your bank accounts are working for you! The idea of doing a Solari Circle is open source and free. You have no obligation to anyone but those you choose according to the commitments you choose to make.

    The Power of a Dime
    For every bank account you move, take a dime and send it with the names of your old and new banks and any donation you wish to contribute to:

    "My Dime is Powerful"
    Solari Circle Campaign
    PO Box 157
    Hickory Valley, TN 38042
    Attention: Catherine Austin Fitts

    Your dimes are indeed powerful. Your dimes count as votes. Every dime counts. We will use them to count bank accounts switched. As our coin power gathers, we will use them to publish helpful open source materials through our website.

    Why switch your bank account?
    This will make news.
    This will make heads turn on Wall Street.
    This will shift the power in Washington.
    This will send a strong signal to the powers that be that your vote counts.
    This will send a strong vote of confidence to trustworthy leaders and candidates.
    Best of all, if we each build a great Solari Circle team and take the time to do this smart...
    This can save you time and make you money!

    The election in November is important. Voting with our money now can increase support for the honest candidates in November. Voting with our money now can shift the political and economic agenda that the winning candidates will face in January.

    If you look back in history you will see many successful examples when the power of our prayers and meditations aligned with the power of our pocketbook to transform events. Revisit the story of the Boston Tea Party or Gandhi's salt march to the sea. Learn about the US led economic and investment boycott of South Africa that helped to end apartheid and release Nelson Mandela from prison and return him to leadership.

    Yes, vote in November and every day!
    We have the power to "vote" in the marketplace with our bank deposits, our attention, our purchases and our investments and we are going to use it!

    So let's make this July 4th Financial Independence Day because prosperity begins with you!

    From the Solari Action Network Team

    Catherine Austin Fitts
    Christina Engelbart
    Henri Poole
    Court Skinner
    Carolyn Betts
    John Maeck

    "People get ready, there's a train a-comin'
    You don't need no baggage, you just get on board"
    - Curtis Mayfield

    Have questions about taking action?

    Want to locate Solari Circles in your area, or start your own?

    Want to join the Solari Action Network?

    Want to donate to the Solari Circle Campaign now?

    Have questions about making a donation?
    Call John Maeck at 415.760.0798 or e-mail him at *[email protected]

    Want to endorse the Solari Circle Campaign?

    Want to learn more about the Solari Circle Campaign?

    Voter Checklist

    Inspire - Please forward this notice to ten people you love and who are important to your survival. Tell them how much you care about them and how important their financial independence and well being is to you. If you are so moved, you can endorse the Campaign.

    Circle Up - Gather up your trusted friends and neighbors, and enter your point of contact in the Solari Circles locator.

    Select - Go to work with your Solari Circle to identify a local bank or credit union that is well managed and community oriented; join forces with friends and neighbors to research qualified banks, study their financial reports, management and record of helping to create jobs and small businesses in your community; call your local chamber of commerce and refer to our FAQ for pointers.

    Illuminate - Use your Solari Circle to understand your financial, political and moral risks of banking at a big bank and to determine how a group switch to a local institution could reduce your risks and help your neighbors. See if you can negotiate a group rate for checking, savings, credit cards etc.

    Switch - Then plan a party at the bank or credit union of your choice on sign-up day, and invite everyone you know to participate. Get your local press taking pictures and writing about what this shift can do to help your local business community create more jobs and businesses.

    Diversify - At the heart of the Solari Model is a faith in abundance. We believe that you and your family should be safe and secure. There is a terrific opportunity in local investment. At the same time, this opportunity must be balanced with risks created by the corruption in the US government and judicial system. For those of you who want to balance your local bank deposits with precious metals or with offshore deposits, research how to diversify into precious metals with new online tools like digital gold, or maintain investments in places that promote peace and respect the rule of law.
    Send a Dime - For each account you switch, send a dime (see instructions above). Every dime counts, and together our dimes can transform the world.

    * In our Declaration we changed "political" to "financial" because the key to establishing integrity in our government is to bring transparency and accountability to the management of government resources. Increasingly, our government assets are being transferred or outsourced to private interests. Meantime, those private interests are transferring their liabilities back to government. Our currency is managed by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System of twelve privately owned Federal Reserve Banks, including the Federal Reserve Bank of New York which in turn serves as depository for the US government bank accounts. The member banks who own and control the individual Federal Reserve Banks have received extraordinary credit subsidies through the governmental apparatus. In addition, there is over $3.3 trillion missing from our government accounts. In short, our government is being manipulated to serve a private agenda. Hence, we are supporting in the marketplace with our choices as consumers and investors the very banks who are orchestrating the corruption of our government.

    ** Why 600,000? Our financial system is highly leveraged. That means that a tiny shift in customers from big banks to local banks can cause a dramatic shift in political and economic power and behavior. This is why our coins are so powerful. We estimate that 600,000 is 1% of 1% of our worldwide population. If we each do this and teach 10 of our friends to do this and they each teach 10 of their friends, we can Solari Circle up a lot of people and a lot of coin power!

    From the Solari Action Network Team

    Catherine Austin Fitts
    Christina Engelbart
    Henri Poole
    Court Skinner
    Carolyn Betts
    John Maeck

    homepage: http://

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    There's something new and magical starting on Main Street ... So come on out and celebrate July 4th the Solari Way ... with A Declaration of Financial Transformation