Black Poetry : Where Were We?

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    Where were you when I was picked on, and scared to go to school?

    Where were you when I was did the impossible to be considered cool?

    Where were you when I got accused of vandalizing someone's car?

    Where were you when depression hit and my self-esteem was below par?

    Where were you when I was drugged up and put in a crazy house?

    Where were you when the meal tickets stop coming in and I was kicked out?

    I can answer that

    While I was stuck in the system you were out having a ball

    As time went on you acting as if you had no children at all

    When I was in the crazy house you were into Grandma's estate

    You went back on your promises to take us out of the hands of the state

    When I was under peer pressure, you were not close to being around

    Instead, you were out, letting drugs get you down.

    Where were you when I got insulted, and called derogatory names?

    Where were you when I wanted to talk about my hurt and pain?

    Where were you when I needed to be held in your arms?

    Where were you when I was in the midst of possible harm?

    Where were you when I was feeling hot and needed you here and now?

    Where were you when I needed assurance that of me you are proud?

    Where were you when I needed an appreciative validation?

    Where were you when I needed help on my works cited page and citations?

    Where were you when I needed to spend someone to spend quality time with?

    Where were you when people was giving all sorts of bullish?

    I'll tell you where you were:

    When I was getting insulted, you were laughing at me too;

    In my face I'm your sweetheart, but behind my back I'm a fool.

    When I needed some quality time, you were too busy for me.

    You tell me you aren't the rest of the guys, but baby, talk is cheap.

    You shut me out of what you call your life, and never keep in contact.

    Other times I'm a handful, but not when you want a piece of *****.

    When I want to be held by you, it's always "I gotta go."

    When I'm in a sexy mood, you cut me off cold!

    Where was I when you needed a ride or needed some lips to kiss?

    Where was I when you needed feedback on your sportsmanship?

    Where was I when you needed a listening ear?

    Where was I when I could have said "kcuf you" and disappeared?

    Where was I when you were stuck and needed some ideas?

    Where was I when you got betrayed out of a friendship?

    Where was I when no one else cared if you made it home safe?

    Where was I when you were hoping that chemistry is what we can create?

    I'll tell you:

    I offered you a ride, and praised you for your work.

    I listened to when you were down and cared that you were hurt.

    I stuck around and been patient when I didn't have to.

    I gave you some ideas of which you thought were cool.

    I was more than your friend, you could always trust me.

    I was there hoping you called and said you made it home peacefully.

    The chemistry is irreplaceable; it's nothing to deny.

    Unlike you, I made you an important person in my life.

    Think about it!
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    I'm almost certain that it's already been thought about the deepest manner. We never miss our water until the throat get dry, which is then and only then...we're forced to swollow our own mixture.
    Nice piece poet, done traveled that path before. thanks for sharing a portion of your life.
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    u broke it down and expressed it to da max here i know this hit minds
    and wonder where were we !