Black People : Where to now?

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    The verdict is in now, and what happening and going to happen is not the end of what's about to come.
    I got a lot on my mind and heart to get off; First, the anger displayed like it or not is justified. I prefer that it was not they own neighborhood, but don't you notice they protected the "White Neighborhoods" not where this poor brother who was killed lived?
    Second, they keep lieing that they was going to have National Guards there to prevent the looting,etc... but they was hiding out in the command center.
    Next, I lost all my trust,belief, and sense of justice for all but for the rich and white people.
    I feel minorities in this country will continue to be subjected to injustice based on race.

    One of our babies was killed recently by police in Ohio and now, what?
    I agree to a extent that we should not react in the matter it is happening, but how many more people must die before we understand that the old way of doing things is not going to help the situation?
    How many more of babies must worry that they might be followed if they wearing a hoodie, or have a toy gun might be targeted to be snuffed out because they was being their selves?
    Where in the hell is our leaders when kids in their innocence is killed for doing nothing other than being a kid?

    I am about to end it here but let me know where are we headed and what can we do to really change these things?