Where is this misterious lady called "justice"?

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    May 29, 2004
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    Hello everybody,
    I just wander about something:i wanted to "taste" another State to understand where the difference in our country is.So i have just to change my buddies,to move away from my family,in short to make enormous sacrifices!Unfortunately, I was bitterly disappointed by the behavior of the authorities of my new school (let us not quote the contemporaries)!
    I have white comrades who want to play the gangsters and they are wounded seriously!But the school tries to choke the business because much money is concerned!I have called my mother to talk about the problem (**** where was my head!!!)and she was so worried that she called the principal!I have been blamed for that, I await with patience my judgement by the disciplinary board
    But What frightens me more it is the fate of the young people, especially the Blacks and the Mongrels with this history of draft!In my school there are many students (Blacks for the majority) who were registered for next the fall semester in Australia, South Africa, England!
    What should we do now?I'm really lost!!!