Black Poetry : Where is the Divinity?

Goddess Auset333

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Feb 9, 2007
Humanity have made us forgotten
Keeping us in a state of mental sterility
forbidding you from becoming enlighten

I Am the Star
I Am the Sun
the two being the same and causing
no shame
I even know that I Am, humanity I am not,
never will be tied in such mental Knot.

Where is the Divinity, that which reside in Infinity
It is now Humanity, a state of mental Insanity,
can it be that all is not well, living in a man made hell,
as we are held prisoner in Humanity Mental Jail?

Divinity the highest principle of Mental Sanity,
Always being attack by the evil of Humanity,
that which the sign of our Fall,
yet it is Divinity that is capable of protecting
us All.

Run black woman and Man, Flee to the safety
of your Divine Mind as fast as you can, never to
stumble in Haste as you ran,
it is Humanity in the chase, wearing the devil face.

Fear not as you wear the protection of your Divinity, it
being attacked by the evil of Humanity,
never to fear no more, covered in your Divinity
For ever, as you go, moving in Harmony, Order, And Balance,
A state of Mind you have to show, with all valiant.

Osiris and IsIs/Auset
The only way to escape the human mind is to have that "tick-tock" balance to mind... The only way is to obey the every command of thy soul... All that is human (in mind) disconnects; all that is Divine is inter-connected through the ever-presence in God's Divine Order. Humanity is only "good" for those in the ten percentile controlling, molding and dictating "the mind"...and if you are not bloodline connected, it is a complete waste of time. From jump city it is un-Divine.

nice philosophy and excellent usage of the words "humanity" and "divine". Goddess let the wings of Khonsu guide you to the divinity of Zoser where you will forever dwell in the peaceful green light held by Imhotep's umi
Khredu-ankh and become a daughter of Isis and marry Osiris giving birth to Horus finally making amends with Set.
E=MC2 (Egypt equals Men Confused 2)

Sha'iyn Abdul Quwdus
Seshat Hotep Sekhemuy


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