Black Spirituality Religion : Where Did The Word '' Jesus '' Come From ?

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    Ans ; Scholars attempt to justify the use of the name '' Jesus '' In the Book Of The New Testament , They Claimed That The NewTestament Was Inspired To Be Written In Greek Originally . So Therefore , The Name '' Jesus '' Is Acceptable For Common Use Instead Of Using '' Jashu'a '' , According To The Harper's Bible Dictionary , Page 329 , You See A Picture Of What The Name Of Jesus Would Have LQQked Like Back In The 1st Century , In The Original Aramic ( Hebrew ) Language , Which He Spoke , They Also That Because There Is No '' Sh '' Sound In The Greek Language The Name '' Jesus '' Is Acceptable Lesous < Greek > Was An Anttempted Transliteration From The Original Language Into Greek .
    Ques ; If There Was No '' J '' Sound .. How Was '' Jesus '' Pronounced ''
    Ans ; That Means That The Word '' Jesus '' Is No Older That The16th Or 17th Century !!!! < Don't Believe Me , Check It Out For Yourself >
    Ques ; If There Was No '' J '' In The English Language Before 1565 A.D. How Did The Name '' Jesus '' Come About ?
    Ans ; With A Little Research , You Will Find That The Names '' Zeus '' <Geek > And '' Jesus '' < Greek >Are Linked By The Same Root According To The Larousee Encyclopedia Of Mythology The Greek '' God '' Dionysus Is Etymologically '' Zeus '' God '' Or Gad '' Was The Seventh Son Of Jacob '' God '' Also Stands For Gomer Which Is Wisdom , Oz - Which Is Beauty And Dabar - Which Is Strength Dionysis Is '' God '' Of Wine ; Also Known As Bacchus , HowEver , The Final Syllable Of Dionysus Or Zeues Is Identical To The Ending Of '' Jesus '' This Break Down Proves That The Reason For Selecting The Suffix , - Sus , For The Word '' Jesus '' Was Because Of Dionysus Or Zeus Who Was Known As The Greek Savior , When The Bible Was Translated Into The English Language . Zeus Is Jesus < Just Take A LQQk For YourSelf !!! >
    When You Combine Then Modern Form Of The Aramic ( Hebrew ) '' Y ''( ' ) Which Is Pronounced '' Yod '' To Get The Latin '' J '' ( l ) And Then Add It To The Word Zeus - You Get - Ja - Zeus , Which Is Short For Yashua ( Jesus )
    And From Zeus You Got The Word Souse And Then . It Became A Dity From Which Comes Deus In Portuguese , Dieu In French , Dio , In Italian , Dios , In Spanish , Dia In Scotch And Irish , And Duw In Welsh . EveryDay New Names Are Being Added . When You Research Further On The Meaning Of The Suffix - sus , You Find That , According To The Webster's Third New International Dictionary , That - sus Is From The French , Latin Meaning '' Swine , Hog , Sow . The Scientific Classification For The Pig Is Sus Scrofa . The Word '' Souse '' ( Sus ) Is The Name Of A Certain Type Or Combination Of Pork That Is Pickled . Souse Is Also A Nickname ForThe South , As In '' Souse Carolina. '' Some May Call This Is Blasphemy , But Truth Is Truth , And Fact AreFacts . And Right Now , The Facys Are Saying That .
    Ques ; Why Do They Change '' The Messiah's '' Name From The Aramic
    ( Hebrew ) YASHU'A ' To Christ Jesus .
    Ans ; The Fact Is Some Christian Have A Sickness Of Changeing People's NameOr Translating Them To Their Language . There Is No '' J '' In The Hebrew Or Aramic Alphabet The Name '' Jesus '' Is The Greek Form Of The Aramic ( Hebrew ) Name Joshua Or Jesua , Which Is A Contraction Of Johoshua . Joshua In Aramic ( Hebrew ) Is Yehowshua Or Jehoshua From The Root Word Yasha Meaning '' To Be Safe , To Set Free , Help Deliver , Salavation , Savior '' I Feel Sorry For All Those People Calling Jesus '' Christ '' BecauseIf You Call On '' The Messiah '' Jesus As Christ '' He Will Not Know Who You Are Calling . Even If You Call Him '' Jesus '' He Will Not KnowWho You Are Calling . That Was Not His Name In Greek Nor Latin ; Two Languages That He Did Not Speak . '' Christ '' Has A Different Meaning In The Greek Language Than What '' Messiah '' Has In Aramic ( Hebrew ) . So Why And How Can You Do This ? Let's Take A House In The Bible And Call It A Car . Now Try To Start The House With A Key . What Is Wrong With The Children Of The Eloheem ????
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    Yes, it's often argued how one should address the Holy Son, but I believe the answer is found exactly where His message is found. ;)

    I do believe that the Father and the Son know who you are addressing when you speak certain names or titles, whether it is their own or not, but the thing is, we don't always know who we are addressing when we use the wrong names and titles. So, it is very important that we always pay attention as we learn from the Holy Doctrine, lest we become slipped up in translation.:11300:

    Nevertheless, if we seek sincerely in our heart, searching out the Father's Way, then He won't let us fall, but just as we are destined to be salvaged by the sacrifice of the Son for our sins, so are we destined to find the truth of the matter concerning the Father and the Son's Holy Name.

    And we shall have life eternal just like the Son who was resurrected on the 3rd day, because we have faith and believe, when calling on His sacred and true Name.
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    Amen ... Absolutely!!!


    I absolutely love & appreciate your wisdom & tenor concerning the One who was spoken into existence by "Abba" (an affectionate name for our Father in heaven).

    May I also add ...

    The Name "Jesus" (used in the New Testament of Holy Scripture), was sourced from the Latin-Greek name I─ôsous; which was translated from the Hebrew name Yeshua (Joshua / Yesua) ... and its meaning: to rescue or deliver.

    Just as it was in the history of our "yesterdays", our name (what we call ourselves AND what we answer to ...) shall dictate our destiny!!!