Black Poetry : Where Did The Feelings Go..!?


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
U said ya loved me ........!
all alone
nothing too do
it's lonely here
without u
the candle lites burnning low
love songs banggin' my radio
and sweet memories
all i got too sho
in my mind i play des
picture show
wit a ticket 4 two
my heart of love
lone 4 u
and all our promises
fell through
everything in black & white
lost of sight
colors vanish in da night

The stars we use 2 wish upon
somehow lost there lite
the taste of love no longer bite
lies, fuss & fight
o' tell o' dear lady
what happen to the love u used 2 sho
where did the feelings GO!!

many tymes like before
i've watched u walk out da door
u told me u loved me !!>?
u said we would grow!
u told me our hearts
will never fade
where did the feelings go!
tell me my lady
where did our feelings go!
all alone
in my room
on my mind
i'm thinking of u
where did the feelings go!
tell me ....
did i do this
did i make u cry
did i promise u and then lie
did i kill the spirit of feelings
my heart hurts
my mind twisted
my soul be of shell
empty!!! notions
my motions dead
as i lay here in my bed
where did the feelings gooooooo!!!!!!!

All copy Rights Reserved (c) 2001:(

I was totally feel~n this. It's sadness brought back memories of a time in my life a few years ago.
Sometimes we invest too much preious time in wonder~n WHY?
I spent(wasted)an entire year allow~n sadness to reside in my heart. Hang in there love will find you again.

Send~n MadLove :heart: 2 u


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