Black People : Where Did The Caucasoids Come From? Let's Set the Record Straight


Apr 25, 2004
Let me give you the facts. The White Man originated from a curse that was placed on Ham's Fourth Son Canaan <Aramaic Meaning Lowlander> Genesis 9:18 the Aramic/Hebrew word used for curse in Genesis 9:25 is the root word Awrar which means to curse, curse Be He Canaan was cursed because his father Ham looked upon his father's Noah's nakedness. The story goes as follows. In Genesis 9:22 after The Ark rested on Mount Ararat, Noah planted a vineyard Genesis 9:21. Noah was one of the first farms and because the flood destroyed all life from the face of the earth, the condition of his family was very critical. They had consumed all of their food supply and were on the brink of starvation. So Noah began to plant seed and harvest the land in hope that it would provide food for then. Noah reaped the grapes. He planted and made wine and drink it in Genesis 9:21-24 .. Note: The Hebrew Word for Nakedness in Genesis 9:22 is Ervah <er - vaw> under the Strong's Hebrew Lexicon #06172. And it means shameful, or nakedness as opposed to the word Ayrom <Ay-rome> under the Strong's Hebrew Lexicon #05903 which is simply used for Nakedness or Bareness. Therefore, this could read "Ham looked upon his father's shame and told his two brothers without. Since Ham just had an argument with this wife Haliyma and was in a weak state. It made it easy for the devil <Azaazil> to take over him. Used him, and possess him. So while in his father's tent, Ham mocked his father's Nakedness or as the Hebrew states Shame - Genesis 9:22 common for them to get confused between nakedness Ervah Shameful and nakedness Ayrom Bareness. Almost all Christian ministers can only depend on the English Translation of the Bible. The King James Version of the Bible or the newer version of the Bible that are even worse transition taking you further and further from the original meaning of the Words. This was purposed done so that they won't see the right translation and the Whites that are calling themselves Jews today won't help them. And the Story continues in Genesis 9:24. Now reading this verse without knowing the Hebrew Language one would believe that Noah's younger son is Ham. However, when you look at the Hebrew word for younger, the word there is Qaton Strong's Hebrew Lexicon #06996 and means Lesser. As in less in quality unimportant, insignificant. And doesn't mean younger as in age. The same Hebrew word is used in Genesis 1:16 and we see in that verse the Hebrews word being used is also Qaton and means Lesser. As in less in quality or lesser light. It does not mean in Age or Younger as in the word Tsawowr Strong's Hebrew Lexicon #06810 which means youngest, little or small one. Why am I pointing this out to you? To show you how easy it is to misinterpret the verse is actually saying if you don't take the time to study the Original Languages that the Scripture were written in. Now Ham was not Noah's youngest son because the order in Genesis 5:32 where Noah's sons are first mentioned states: and Noah was five hundred years old; and Noah begat Shem, Ham and Japheth in that order. That would make Japheth the youngest one of the three sons because, Not Ham. The problem comes in because those who cannot translate the Hebrew can't see Genesis 9:24 ....This is not talking about Young in Age and most definitely is not talking about Ham, which has been misused for decades by Gentitles Caucasians who wish to convince you that the Hamites were cursed to become black - skinned because there was no way of getting around the fact that Ham became the Father of Egipt. But not merely Egipt because the Bible calls Egipt Mizraim. Ham is Sudan. A word meaning Black or the two blacks and includes all of North Central Africa which can bee seen on any Map of Africa today. There were many great Empire stretch from Egipt to Morocco, all the way down to Ethiopia and around which back then also included Arabia And the Sinil Peninsula. According to the Bible, an Empire stretched from the White Nile and the Blue Nile all the way to the Tigris Euphrates Valley Genesis 2:11. With these facts being known the early Caucasian Gentiles trying to find a place for themselves in the Bible and after intensive research finding that the curse on Canaan was Leprosy and was in fact the White Race. They shifted the curse to Ham as it states before, the Jehovah Witnesses admit this in their book titled Did Man Get Here by Creation or Evolution on page 407. It states that the "Black Race From Cush, not due to Curse on Canaan, whose descendants were white they are telling you right there that Canaan and the Canaanites were not The Nubians/Black or Negroes, but rather The Caucasians. In The Teachers Bible Commentary written by H. Franklin Paschall and Herschel H. Hobbs Copyright 1972 A.D. published by Broadman & Holman Publishers, located in Nashville, Tenn. This book which is registered with the Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 75-189505, on page 21 Second Column it states and I Quote Nubians/Negro/Blacks are NOT Descendants of Canaan, who was white, but are descendents from Ham, the curse was not predicated upon all Ham's descendants, but only upon the canaanites, please note that the 25 contributing Editors of this commentary are all Caucasians, thus they all agree with the contents of this book. (This has nothing to do with Racism I'm only Quoting from Books Authored by Caucasians) The curse of Canaan is on the Canaanite Race. Not the Nubians/Blacks/Negroes Race. The Editors of The Teacher Bible Commentary are as follows.
Donald F. Ackland, Author and formal editor, Nashville, Tenn, Deuteronomy through Malachi
J.P. Allen, Radio and Television Commission (SBC) Forth Worth, Texas, John
James E. Carter, First Baptist Church, Natchitoches Louisana, Isaiah 1-39
Robert L. Cate, First Baptist Church, Aiken, South Carolina Levitcus
William B. Cobble, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Kansas, MIssiouri, Revelation
Wayne Dehoney, Walnut St. Baptist Church, Louisville, Kentucky, Acts
Russell H. Dilday, Jr. Second - Ponce De Leon Baptist Church, Atlanta, Georgia, Esther through Psalms 41,
W.C.Fields, Executive Committe, Southern Baptist Convention, Nashville, Tenn, Galatians through James
Fred L. Fisher - Gollen Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, Mill Valley, California, Romans through 2nd Corinthians
Clyde T. Francisco, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky, Genesis
J. Loe Green, Southern Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminiary - Wake Forest, North Carolina, Jeremiah and Lamentations.
Herschel H. HObbs, First Captist Church, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Editor, New Testament
J. Hardee Kennedy , New Orlean Baptist Theological Seminary , New Orleans , Louisiana , Psalms 42 - 150
Landrum P. Leaveil, First Baptist Church, Wichita Falls, Texas, Mark
Peter McLeod, First Baptist Church, Waco, Texas, Isaiah 40-66
H. Franklin Pashall, First Baptist Church, Nashville, Tenn Editor, Old Testament
Ben F. Philbeck, Carson-Newman Collage, Jefferson City, Tenn, Joshua through 1 Samuel
Billy E. Simmons, East Texas Baptist College, Marshall, Texas, 1 Chronicles through Nehmiah
Jerry Falwell, D.D.D. Litt. L.L.D.D.D. Tenn Temple Theological Seminary; D. Litt California Graduate School of Theology, L.I.D. Central University (Seoul, Korea)
Wayne A. Brindle, B.A. Th. M.Th. D.B.A. Kansas University; Th. M. Th.D. Dallas Theological Seminary
Carl J. Diemer, B.S.M. Div. Th. D.B.S. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; M Div. Th. D. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Edward G . Dobson , B.A.M.A.D.D.Ed.DB.A.M.A.Bob.Jones University ; D.D. California . Graduate School . Of Theology Ed.D. University Of . Viginia ,
Paul R. Fink , B.A. M.E.d.Th.M.Th.D.B.A.Columbia Bible College ; M.E.d.University Of Southern California , Th.M.Th.D.Dallas.Theological. Seminary .
James A. Freerksen, B.A. M.D.iv, Th. M. Th. D.B.A. Pilsbury, Baptist College, M.Div. Th. M. Central Baptist Theological Seminary; Th D Grace Theological Seminary
Edward E. Hindson, B.A.M.A. Th. M. Th. D.D. Min D. Litt, Et. Phil, Fiba. B.A. William Tyndale College; M.A. Trinity Graduate School of Theology D. Min. Westminister Theological Seminary; D. Litt, Et. Phil University of South Africa Fellow of The International Biographical Association (Cambridge England
Daniel R. Mitchell B.A.B.D. Th. M.S.T.M. Th B. A. Washingtion Bible College; B.D. Th. M. Captial Bible Seminary; S.T.M. Th.D. Dallas Theological Seminary
Richard D. Patterson, A.B.M. Div. Th. M.A. Ph. D.A.B. Wheaton College, M. Div. Los Angeles Baptist Serminary Th.M.Talbot.Theological Seminary.M.A.Ph.H.University Of California . At Los Angeles ( UNCLA )
Ronald C . Sauer , B.A.Th , M.Ph.D. B.A.. Mississippi College . Th .M.Dallas Theological Seminary Ph.D.University Of Manchester ( England )
Stephen R. Schrader, B.S.M. Div. Th. M. Th. D. B.S. Evansville University M. Div. Th. M. Th. D. Grace Theological Seminary.
Elmer L. Towns, B.A. Th. M. M. R.R. D. Min. B.B. Northwestern College; M.A. Southern Methodist University; Th. M. Dallas Theological Seminary; M.R.E. Garrett Theological Seminary; D. Min. Fuller Theological Seminary.
Robert W. Yarbrough, B.A.M. A. Ph.D. B. A. Southwest Baptist College; M.A. Wheaton College Graduate School; D. University of Aberdeen (Scotland)
Jerry Falwell .. William Franklin ... “Billy Graham - Ruth Bell Graham...”
The wife of Billy Graham - Anne Graham Lotz - the daughter of Billy Graham
John Hagee, and Robert H. Schuller, They all agree that the Curse of Canaan is on the White Race because they all appear within the Nelson Catalog. Even some of their wives and children are inside the Book. Thus we see that they obviously Condone what is written in the Nelson Version of The King James Bible.
Another bible that share this same point is the Zondervan N.A.S.B. (New American Standard Bible) Study Bible on page 17
Within the Commentary in Reference to Genesis 9:25 it states Noah's Prophecy Cannot be Used to Justify the Enslavement of Black. Since those cursed here were Canaanites. Who Were CAUCASIAN this bible was edited by General Editor. Another bible that share this same point is the Zondervan N.A.S.B. (New American Standard Bible) Study Bible on page 17
Within the Commentary in Reference to Genesis 9:25 it states Noah's Prophecy Cannot be Used to Justify the Enslavement of Black. Since those cursed here were Canaanites. Who Were CAUCASIAN this bible was edited by General Editor.
Ronald Youngblood <> Genesis
Ronald Youngbloom and Walter C. Kaiser Jr. <>Exodus
R. Laired Harris and Ronald Youngblook <>Leviticus
Ronald B. Allen and Kenneth L. Barker <>Number
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Arthur Lewis<>Joshua
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. Robert Vannoy <>1.2.Kings
Robert Dillard <>1.2. Chronicles
Edwin Yamauchi and Ronaldd Youngblood <>Ezra & Nehemiah
Raymond Dillardd <>1.2. Chronicles
Edwin Yamauchi and Ronald Youngblood <>Ezra & Nehemiah
Raymond Dillard and Edward Yamauchi <>Esther
Elmer B. Smick and Ronald Youngblood <>Job
John H. Stek<>Psalms
Herbert Wolf <>Proverbs
Derek Kiner<>Ecclesiates
John H. Stek <> Song of Solomon
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So you See what I'm Saying is Definitely not Racism because they are saying this themselves. Right from the horses mouth. The white man has The Curse of Canaan Not Nubians/Blacks. Who are Indeed the trut and only pure seed of the Tribe of Judah.William Franklin "Billy" Graham, and American Evangelist who conducted revivals all over the World, Ruth Bell Graham The Wife of Billy Graham ....
Anne Graham Lotz the Daughter of Billy Graham
John Hagee The Founder and Pastor of the 17,000 member Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Taxas .Jerry Falwell A Baptist Telvision Evangelist and Head of the Moral Majority
Pat Robertson The Founder and Chairman Of the Christian Broadcasting Network Inc. Robert H. Schuller The Founder and Senior Minister of the Famed Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California...Take a lQQk at the Book entitled The Bible and Race written by T.B.Maston Copyright 1959 A.D. Registered with the Library of Congress Catalong Number 59-5858 Published by Broadman Press which may be the same press that published The Teachers Bible Commentary by H. Franklin Paschall which was published by Broadman & Holman Publishers, Located in Nashville, Tennessee. Which is the same location of the Broadman Press. In the Book The Bible and Race on Page 122 it states: It is generally agreed that the Canaanites Descendant of Canaan. Were Nubian/Black. In the Main they moved into Asia Minor and at least as far East as the Tigris And Euphrates Valley. Other descendants of Ham went south into Africa. But not the Canaanites, upon whom the Curse was a tleast specifically pronounced. Ryle suggests that "The Application of This Clause to the African Races in an Error or Interpretation. Similiarity, Marcus Dods concludes Canaan being thus selected. The fullfillment of the curse must not be LQQked for in the other Descendants of Ham. And still less in the Nubians/black races; Pieters Likewise says that even if the Nubians/Black be conceded to be the Sons of Ham. They are certainly not descendants of Canaan. And these only are under the curse .so Gradually The truth is unfolding. The most shocking thing that will hit the west is the realization that the Tribes of Israel Were All Nubian/Black/Brown and from time to time they mixed their seed with the Canaanites. And the outcome produced the perpetrations today who refuse to use the Word Today who refuse to use the word Judah replacing it with the word Jew in the Years 1514 A.D. In fact the Talmud. The Mishnah and the Gemara were written by Black Israelites and was either making reference to Goyin=Gentiles or Heathens .as the Caucasian Roman under Roman Under Paul And Constantine That Created The New Sect Called Christians And Eliminated The Laws Of Moses And Replaced Them With A bUNCH oF Letters ( Paul's Epistles ) That Contradict Themselves Through The Nicene Council The Talmud Is The Collection Of Acient Rabbinic Writting Consisting Of The Mishnah And The Gemara . Constituting The Basis Of Religious Authority In Orthodox Judaism . The Word Talmud comes from the Hebrew word Talmud, meaning Learning, instruction from the word LaMad meaning to learn the Mishna which is a collection of the Oral Law come from Hebrew Misna, meaning Repetition, Instruction from the word SaNa meaning To Repeat. The Gamara which is a Commentary On The Mishna. Get it Name from the Aramic Word GaMaRa meaning Completion from Ga Mar meaning To Complete. The Cursed Seed of Cannon and when it makes reference to blacks. The Pure Seed in the Talmud in a negative light it is making reference to Africans who have not accepted the Torah. And refers to them as Heathen or Goyimm. Also according to a Book called The Talmud Unmasked by Rev. I.B. Pranaitis. On Page 49, it states: They are unclean because they Eat unclean Things and Because Themselves Have not been Cleaned. THey are not Men but Beast and that Goyim Are not Called Men on the Same Page under the heading, Not like Men, But Beast it states "This is true for An Animal because It is not a Man" On Page 50 Under the Heading They differ Only in Form From Beast, Rev I. B. Pranaitis States (Paraphrasing). ..That They Are Animalls in their Natural Form, They are Animals in the Fomr of Human Beings and that "The Seed of A Goi Is worth the Same as That of A Beast. Rev. Dr. Frederick K.C. Price. A televanglist and the founder of the Crenshaw Christian Center in Los Angeles is fighting the Church over Racism. Rev. Price on a broadcast titled "Race Religion and Racism" stated (Paraphrase ) That every while preacher and writer always says that God cursed Nubians/Blacks and the We Nubians/Blacks people must be something special
He went on to say its seems that we are the chosen ones because we are the only ones being persecuted . He then asked did Satan know that God has a greater Plan and that if He destroys the Nubians/Blacks race then God's plan would not come through. The truth is being revealed more and more ech day . Now the point that must be stressed here is that most scholars are confused and avoid Genesis 9:24 because it says that Noah's Younger Son had done something to him. However, in fact Genesis 9:18 this verse introduces you to Canaan as a Son of Ham and then Verse 22 of the same Chapter reintroduces you to Canaan as a Son of Ham. So by the time we get to Verse 25 we find God putting a curse on Canaan. There is no curse on Ham. .The Rvrie Bible Study Expanded Edition by the Moody Press on Page 17 Under The Curse of Canaan says that Most People Believe the Ham was Cursed and Therefore so we all Nubians/Blacks people of African/Hamitic Descent.
However, Careful study of the Scriptures Reveals that The Curse was Placed upon Canaan Genesis 9:25 A Son of Ham ..Again It will Stir Racism and fear in Whites to Present their offspring and children with the facts that Hast lead to the Persecution of God's Holy Pure Seed Luke 8:11 NOW THE PARABLE IS THIS: THE SEED IS THE WORD OF GOD; The Nubian/Black People, The Seed of the Woman Genesis 3:15, Galatians 4:4 ..It was fear because the facts would reveal the true race of the descendant of Abraham. It would reveal that the time Arabs are Nubians/Blacks Down to Muhammad who was a Nubian/Black and on up into Sudan To the Mahdi who was a Nubian/Black or Down from the Midianites who mixed in with the Ishmaelite Nubians/Blacks who mixed in with the Egiptian Nubians/Blacks or Down through Issac and Jacob. Down to David, and Solomon who mixed His seed in With the Canaanite. But his older brothers Adonijah who was a pure Nubian/Black Seed traveled on through him who was of the Tribe of Judah (2Kings 17:18) This was Fear because it reveals the truth that the Land of Israel is Ours. All the Way to the Tigris Euphrates is the Land of the Nubians/Blacks.
The Slave Master who themselves coul dnot read The Bible in THe Original Language and could only depend on the King James Verse of The Bible. The Tynsdale Version of the Bible or the Wycliffe Version of the Bible which were all done by Canaanites (Caucasians) who bear the Curse of Leprosy In the Skin of their flesh and know that they have no salvation in the Skin of their flesh and that i was a Sin to mix their seed according to the Bible (Genesis 24:3, 37, 28:1 .. 1Chronicles 16:15-18) .. Thus, they had to correupt this verse and confuse these Chapters. We get Noah's younger Son but the Word there for Younger in Hebrew is Qatun and Mean Lesser Importance or Lesser in Greatness ..The reason for that is when you read the end results of God's Dealing with Noah's Son, It read in Verse 26. AND HE SAID BLESS BE THE LORD GOD OF SHEM AND CANAAN SHALL BE HIS SERVANT.. it put Canaan in subjection or as a lesser servant to Shem. His father's brother then in Verse 27 It reads: “GOD SHALL ENLARGE JAPHETH AND HE SHALL DWELL IN THE TENTS OF SHEMS AND CANAAN SHALL BE HIS SERVANT.” twice Canaan is put in a lesser position as a servant and Canaan was the youngest of the Sons of Ham In Genesis 10 ; 6 Where It States .. And The Sons Of Ham Cush . Mizrain , Phut And Canaan . So Ham Is Not Even Mentioned, Again In Genesis Chapter 9 .Between Verse 23 And 29 .Shem Is Repeated Japheth Is Repeated And The Lesser Son Canaan Is Repeated . This Is What Meant By His Younger Son In Genesis 9; 24 ....Make Note That In Genesis 20; 21 ...It States '' Unto Shem Also The Father Of All The Children Of Eber . The Bother Of Japheth The Elder , Even To Him Were Children Born '' if you read this verse closely, it makes you think that Japheth is the Eldest of Noah.
The word given in the quote for Elder is Gadowl <gaw - dole > meaning “Greater or High” however, when the three sons of Noah are mentionedd anywhere Else they are mentioned in the order of their birth. Such as in Genesis 5:32 .. 6; 10 ; 1 ... and 1Chronicles 1:4 Japheth is the youngest Son of Noah. Then He looked upon his Father’s nakedness with the thought of sexuality and fornication Leviticus 18: 6-21 .. He did not have intercourse with his father. However, because of the Unlawful Act LQQking upon your father Leviticus 18:6. The Most high Cursed Ham’s Fourth Son Canaan. Ham’s wife Haliyma. The daughter of Shukar, who is also known as Yubin (an eno****e = mortal man & woman) and Anis (A cu****e) was impregnated with a disagreeable seed when she entered the Ark so Canaan was born of the Ark
No longer refer to them as Irish, Polish, English, American or Jewish, but refer to them by their names;
*Jebusite (Jewish, Polish) or Amorites (Americans, British and Spaniards)
** The Spaninardss are the Native in Habitans of Spain, they are Caucasoids Race and are not to be confused with out Latino brother and sister (who are Nubians/Blacks ...who inhabitants Mexico, Puerto Rico, Central American (Guatemala, Cuba, Santa Domingo, Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicargua South America (Guyana and Uruguay) the Caucasoids race should also refer to you by your name; Nubians / Blacks Some Nubians, thorough time have mixed their seed with their seed with the Cursed Sons of Canaan and as a result they now know as Sicilian (Southern Italians) Koreans, Japanese, Indoensia, Pakistan’s Malayans, Eskimo, some Chinese, and east Indians. They are nubians / blacks althoug they have violated the Commandment of the Most High, they are not the sons of Canaan (Even though they’ve mixed blood with them) ..
11 Sons of Canaan Tribal Names
Wives Names
Sidon (blue eyes red hair) Sidonians Semaat
and Ginna

Gee-Nah to have to conceal,
or to cover up
Heth (Blond Hair / Blue Eyes) Hittites Willat and
Sybele The Secret
Jebus (Black Hair / Dark) Jubusites Salimat /

(Shah - Loo - Mah) Peaceful
Amor (White Hair / White eyes) Amorites Qiynat And
Dina (Dee - Nah) Indebt
Girgash (light brown hair /Green eyes) Girga****e Betha and
Qamar (Kam - Ar) Moon light
Hiwiy (Blond Hair/Silver eyes) Hiwiy Mayyya and
Zaynab (Zay - neeb) Fornicator
Arkiy (Auburn Hair / Hazel Eyes) Arkites Nayyat And
Amma (Amm - Mah) My Nation
Sinite (Dark Brown Hair / Brown Eyes) Sinites Yabanet
and Zillah (Zill - Lah)Show Down
Arvad (Brown Hair / Dark Blue Eyes) Arvadites Debra and
Sadw (Tsa - Daw) Wronged
Zemar (Blond Hair / Chestnut eyes) Zemarites Marilyn /
Sakina (Saa - Kee - Nah)

Hot wind
Hamath Hamathtites Gwin and Bada's (Ba-da-ah) Norvid

What Was the Curse that was Place on Canaan?
When Canaan was Cused he was to be a servant unto his brother, Canaan was cursed with Leprosy. As a result of Albinsim a degenerative disease which left the skin pale and scabby manifested in his genes from his father Ham and his mother Haliyma. This curse was a physical curse of Leprosy Called
La'nah in Ashuric / Syriac / Arabic. Canaan was born pale and an Albino however he was a Nubians / Negroid Man. Canaan's skin lacked pigmentation and that is why he was pale.
What Exactly Is Leprosy?
The Bible, According to Leviticus 13: 30 - 37 gives various accounts of the signs, symptoms and the way that Leprosy actually LQQKs. Leprosy affect the skin, the eyes and the Mucus Membranes of the Nose and Throat. In rase cases it affects the Nerves. This disease is known to be Communicable and is caused by an organism called Microbacterium Leprae which produces granlar lesions in the affected areas the Torah Leviticus 13:14 describes what the traits of Leprosy are White Skin Leviticus 13:4 If the Bright [Be] white in the Skin of his flesh, And in sight [Be] Not deeper Than the Skin, and the Hair thereof Be not Turned White; then the Priest shall shut up [Him that Hath] the Plague Seven Days ... If we LQQK at the Aramic/Hebrew Word Used in this for White It is Lawban meaning White. It also describes Blonde Hair, Bible - Old Testament, Leviticus 13:30 (With Hebrew insert)
The priest shall examine the disease; and if is appears deeper than the skin, and the hair in it is Yellow and then, then the priest shall pronounce him unclean; it is an itch a leprosy of the head or the beard ..
In this Quote The Word used for Yellow is Tsawobe meaning Yellow (Blonde Hair) and how it was Dak meaning thin or fine. Neither one of these words describes Nubian / Black / Negroids with 9ether Woolly Hair make note that in Leviticus 13:30-37 it is clear that people with black hair are considered Clean and those who have yellow (Blonde Hair) are unclean. If one was to read the Bible in the Original Language which is in the Original Aramaic / Hebrew You would have a Better Overstanding of what El's Holy Torah is Really Saying like always don't believe me research this information ForYourSelf.

Keita Kenyatta

Well-Known Member
Feb 7, 2004
Well, I do appreciate your Biblical discourse concerning where they came from, and it's obvious that you results and intentions were in the right place. There is no doubt that they were black at one time in history. Of that there is no mystery. However, let me submit one word of caution. Do not try and use the bible as a history book, for it is anything but that. Some things can be found there, but in general, NO. All the same, it's nice that you were able to arrive at the same conclusion that scholars outside the bible have been saying for years....THAT THEY CAME FROM US.

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I am looking for participants in a study to share their experiences as former African American males served as ED/EBD/BD in the southeast. Participants ages 18-35 will be interviewed and given the opportunity to express their thoughts, feelings and impressions of their school years. If interested or for more information please contact me directly. Thanks, Cheryl
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Thank you for the welcome. I have a question. I am a doctorate student in need of participants for my study. Is it allowable to post a request for study participants. If so, this is the post that would be uploaded:
Let's us all remember in 2021 to protect our energy and to do the best we can to grow and evolve.
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