Black People : Where are we?

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    Where are we in terms of development taken in consideration our nearly 900 billion African American worth in gross domestic product? We are negative in every single dire statistic and we lead the way of communities spiraling into permanent under classes. That is the reality that no one can deny whether he or she does well, is his or her own boss, is famous or unknown, is rich or middle class or poor. I think we all can agree with the assessment without major differences. The conclusion is that we aren't really on the right track for sustainability, growth nor peace because we are plagued with internal social problems. We lack any unity as a whole and our efforts to unite as a whole have been thwarted by White Supremacy and Racism, our own lack of discipline, lack of communication, ineffective administration and our pride and envy of each other.

    I don't talk any kind of development without speaking of land and sovereignty. The Most Honorable Ejijah Muhammad's words were wise when he said, " If you do not rule yourself then somebody else will. " There is no way we can have independent rule and freedom to choose our own destiny while prospering if we are surrounded by our enemies. People who don't share our cultural nuances and are strange to us in law, governance, commerce, business, religiously and socially are not in accord with helping us develop. We must develop ourselves and we must finance it and put it in the hands of a trusted source who will be charged with provide venues for our development. And without institution there is no venue for social, economic and academic development. My conclusion we must fund our own institutions and we must find sovereign land in Mama Africa to plant our seeds of future growth.

    Presently we are all here contemplating, speculating and doubting sometimes sincerely how can we few accomplish the above wisdom. This is what I want you to do and do it you will now because you know and understand the importance of this vision. Turn off the television, radio, internet, turn off the lights and use candles or go outside to the real sun, witness nature, go to the lake or ocean, into the woods even. But do so with intention to clear your mind of all influences and disturbances because you're going to decide, do you also share the vision of cultivating our people with higher development and returning them to their ancestral homeland prospering with unlimited growth without threat of sadistic rule?

    Do you think our children deserve an alternative? Because African American Youth need a better breeding ground than that the out of control urban streets of America which are their graveyard. There are so many African American Youth we are unemployed, out of school, homeless, in prison, in a gang, wandering through life and dead before their time by street violence. Remember the beautiful young Tupac and Biggie? Remember the sweet Karyn Washington the beautiful darkskin sister who took the cause on of the abusive way darkskin women are treated by women, then mirroring them in lips, butt, shiny and beautiful colored skin and naturally curvy figures? Let these thoughts not be the ones you base you decision. Let the thought of how we can create a better environment for our young people be formed in your mind with color, taste, texture, smell and feeling and hearing the call to return to Big Mama Africa the land of our Egun.