Black Poetry : Where Are We????


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May 21, 2001
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Black man, where are we? Are we locked up in a cell?
Are we trapped in our own ghetto hell,
If we trying to get out, I can’t tell.
Are we snapping clips in our guns?
Or are we raising our sons
We need answers before the dark clouds consume the sun.
Are we still making excuses for why can’t
Instead of figuring out how we can.
Are we still blaming our current situation on the actions
Of another Man?
Where are we?
Are we where we should be, in the house of the Lord?
Or do we choose to stay in the gutter life of the streets,
Living and dying by the sword.
Concrete garden’s full of Urban victims.
Spray painted pictures and names on walls to show we miss them.
Is that where we are?
Has it come to this.
Why does many thoughts of my brothers,
Cause me to reminisce on how they used to be.
Where are we?
Will we remain divided in our own race?
Will we stop animosity toward a brother because of?
The look on his face.
Are we ever going to get to that place
Full of his glory and grace?
Where the pain and affliction of the world, will all be erased?
Or will we let the shame of our outter effect the inner soul,
Letting the heart beat blood that is cold.
Where are we? We are here to accept the pressure of the nation.
We are Black men, God’s Strongest Creation.
We must mend our relations, so that we can lead
This next Generation. A light at the end of the tunnel, is what we should be.
So we will never have to look in the eyes of the youth, and they ask us
Where are we…….

Copyright © 2001 T.L. Stevens
feeling ya!

True dat to you all! We do seem to be stuck in some sort of hypnotic trance, the wallflower standing by himself at the big school dance. Afraid to venture out in that world that is ours to take, and we continue to make this mistake, sleepin on the future of our own, hopefully something will awake, our thoughts before we get caught, and won't be able to escape!



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