Black Spirituality Religion : When You're Feeling All Alone and Abandoned

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    Where the Niger meets the Nile
    A Young Boy

    A young boy,
    Was sitting closely to a large stone beside the trail,
    He waited patiently for he knew this was the path that The Creator walked on,
    The Creator approached the boy, and embraced him,
    "Follow me, I will show you the way, and you will never be alone."

    Many years went by,
    The boy was now sitting all alone,
    he was upset, confused, and Frightened,
    He cried out "Why have you left me?"
    "I did not leave you, I can still see the path,
    I can still see the Stone,
    you have left me here all alone"
    He cried and sat quietly.

    The boy felt a tap on his shoulder and a voice said to the boy
    "I asked you to follow me, so why are you still here next to the Stone,
    I had invited you on an Epic adventure,
    See, I have great plans for you.
    I created you with purpose,
    Not to sit next to the path but to walk on the path with me,

    "Follow me, I will show you the way"
    The boy, now a Man, stood and followed.


    Many of us are alone in this place where we wait frightened, not because we are afraid that God does not love us, does not want us and has no purpose for our life. We are frightened that The Creator does love us, that we were created to Live a life of Purpose, that we will change the world around us in unimaginable ways.

    By Sean Wilson
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    We are indeed afraid of the unknown. And that's especially when it calls us to responsibility. Playing the fool is a lot easier, but it can't be that way always if one seeks to be around always with the eternal Father who sit up on High. This is why He has given His Son as a sacrifice for our sins, and resurrected the Anointed the 3rd day; so that we'd have salvation no longer living in the ignorance that once shielded us from being held accountable. Just trust in the Father all the long Way you walk, and He certainly will keep you, alway.