Black Poetry : when you


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Apr 2, 2001
when you cry, i feel the pain, i feel the tears as they drip down
my cheeks, i feel even the gulps of breath between each sob.
when your heart breaks, the sharp pain pounds in my chest and
air chokes in my throat.
when you frown, all the muscles in my face stretch and cramp
and i can't breathe when you swim under water.
i get real cold when you walk outside without a jacket and real
hot when you sleep with the heat on.
when you smile, i'm warm and content inside and i feel good.
when you go exploring, i feel educated.
when you ***** your finger, i bleed.
when you burn your hand, my skin melts.
when you close your eyes, i can't see.
when you taste me, i get wet.
when you come inside me slow, inch-by-inch, i come five times.
when you hold me, i feel secure.
when you caress my breasts, my heart beats fast.
when you kiss me, i'm sure that your lips are the only ones i want touching mine.
when i'm with you, i don't want to be somplace else.
when you explode inside me, i want to be fertilized.
when you leave me forever, i stop existing like this.


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