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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved, to not know who you are will cause you to not know what you need and you find your selves believing what you want, is all that you deserve, and to be in such a state of ignorance of Self, will cause you to believe that you are only deserving of what is only given to you, a sign that you believe that you are not deserving to have the best in Life.

    It is the Afrikan turn Human Being, that is in awe of the Human Beings of this World and it is the Human Beings that came into the Black Divine Beings Presence and erased your identity, so now when the Time has come to remind you Afrikans Human Beings who you really are, you grow antagonistic toward that which is Divinely True, which is the only Reality that is capable of saving a once Divine Black Being of a Nation, a Nation when in its Divine State of Being, is capable of guiding the World up a compassionate Path of Divine Realism and not Profane Illusions.

    To know not whom you Black People are, is to settle for being somebody you are not, and in such an inferior Mind set, you present yourselves up to be told and to believe everything you are told by those people whom you have grown to Trust, love, and Respect, even when you are not qualified to give a Profound Reason as to why you put all of your Trust into somebody with a History of abusing and oppressing you, the people who erase your Divine True Identity away from you and input within you a Mind that is not yours and it is no wonder the so call Afrikans wherever we are, choose death over being the Divine Beings you use to be on this Planet call Earth.

    You so call Afrikans, you who no longer Think for yourselves, you now have been conditioned to hunger and thirst after the illusion of your Salvation and you are in such a Want for a Messiah that the oppressors approve for you, until when the Warning is upon you to be careful in going for what you want instead of what you can not know what you Need, the end result will be a more devastation of oppressive abuse you place your Life to be in store for, in the coming of This Time, which you know not the Divine Meaning.

    The Afrikan America seek salvation from the guidance of their oppressors and despise the sign that has now come that is qualified to Re-dress you into your Divinity, but because you have been made to be a prisoner of the Human Beings Religion, you now believe that the oppressors choice of whom your Messiah must be is what you want it to be, because you the Afrikan Americans are now fully clothed into your oppressors Mind, and a Being can not be no more than the caliber of Mind it wear and the Afrikan Americans and the Afrikan in Afrika at this present Time, is now clothed with the Mind of our Oppressors, so I must remind you beloved, all that glitter is not Gold, in other words it is not the Divine Real Thing.

    I know, Obama bring excitement to your Imitation Mind and it now is beginning to appear that all of your Afrikan Americans Leaders are beginning to gravitate toward Obama to be the Democratic Nominee for President of America and I ask of you, what have those Leaders done for you to give you just cause to be excited about anything that they do, when is the last time you taken a Divine view of Afrika and the Black Nation, are we now in the possession of our own Divine Theology, are we the sole Independent Caretakers of the Mother Land, Afrika, Is Poverty no longer our enemy, are our Children safe in this world of evil that is controlled by those people with a History of Lying and Deceiving you, is it America that was designated to be your Haven of Security and Divine Living, Hell No, the only place that fit such a description for you Black so call Afrikans, happen to be the place referred to as being Afrika, a place where the Majority of Black Folks are concentrated today, which serve as a Divine sign to be the place where we originally settled and is the only place that the True and Divine Messiah for the Black World will point you to, in order for you to be able to become fully clothed with your Divine Mind once again.

    You Afrikan Americans have adopted a saying from the oppressors of Black People, which say that Change will not come to the Black World over Night and I could never understand why is it that Black Folks would adopt such a saying and be satisfied with such a sign of admission by the oppressors, that they have done something wrong to us Black Folks that only took an over Night to achieve and now is saying, it is going to take seemingly forever for them to Change their attitude and behavior toward us Black People, as if we are the People that inflicted Harm upon those that now have to change their attitude toward us Black People, as a matter of fact, why is there a need for the Black World to have to experience Change, when in fact we started at the Highest Pinnacle of our Divine Mind.

    Over Night The Divine Black Being lost their Divinity, by the action of a Lying and Deceiving World and Now some Many Thousand years of Nights hence, the Black World is being told to be patience in waiting on somebody with a record of being the people responsible for Afrika and the Black World present condition today, and it most certainly is not a Divine condition, so when you Black so call Afrikans come to know who you are, only then will you know what you Need, and only then, will the long Night of our oppression end and you will know such an ending has come when you wake up and find yourselves back in control of Afrika and in control your Black Divine Mind.

    Obama, should he become America President, he will in a way represent to be your Salvation, not for A life in America but for the Receiving of your Reparation and your return back to Afrika, because when you come to realize that with Obama being President, it is only going to reveal once and for all that An Afrikan American President is not capable of bringing Salvation to the Afrikan America in America and then you shall begin to Fight in Earnest for your Enslaved Ancestors Reparation for the purpose of Returning Home to Afrika as the Next Established State in Afrika, which will serve as the beginning of the restoration of Afrika back into the Control of the People that was originally in Care for that Land and the Black Nation will begin to experience the Beauty of their Divinity, united you will be again and become the Leader of the World once again, Shining as Bright as Ra is at the Noon Time of the Day, in Afrika.

    Such a Divinity will come to Afrika and the Black World, only when You Know Who You are, And Only Then, Will you Know What You Need to Do, To Save Yourselves And Afrika.

    Oh Yes, I Do Support Obama To Become America President, But Not For Religious Causes, Such As, Believing, wishful wanting, Faith, Hope, And having an Illusion for Divine Real change in America, so I support Obama, because I Know That A Divine Change Will Come To Your Mind, When And if Obama Become America President And Such A Change Will Not Be Because What Obama Do For you, But What Obama Will Not Be able To do For you, which will cause you so call Afrikan to rise up in your Blackness and begin to do for Self and such doing will lead you away from America, the seat of Black Afrikans Oppression..

    Let Those Of You Who Are Wise Black People, Know What I Have Just Shared with you..

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You


    Chief Elder
    The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism/Repatriation/Reparation
    [email protected]
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    Greeting my Chief Elder. First let me say that I whole heartedly agree with your statement. I feel that the dislocation of ones ancestral home and beings is both the most effective and the most demonic ways to go about keeping a people in bondage. I am like you in that I will support brother Obama, however, let me say this:I am wary of anybody or anything that The Pink ones like so much! :welldone: Chief Elder Osiris