Chief Elder Osiris : When You Don't Know, A Fool Appear As A Genius To You

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    When You Don't Know, A Fool Appear As A Genius To You

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters and Brothers:

    They having Divine Knowledge said to us, telling us what was to happen to us Divine Black Being and then telling us what we must do to ascend back into our Divinity, leaving us an instruction, informing us that we must get to Know Thyself, and such profound Instruction have been claimed and used by many others, claiming to be the author of such a statement of advice to Black Beings, as Beings implied Mankind, yet such Divine instruction was meant for a people that was to fall from the Throne of Divine Knowledge and the Tumble will be so severe and continuous until when the Motion of the fall slows down, the victims will end up not knowing the Dynamic action of Happening in their Past and will be confuse in their present state of Being, and no other People can make claim to such an experience than those Black people who once were of a Divine Mind, living a Divine Life where they original were and where they eventually came to a New Solar System and within the Scheme of that System, there happen to be a Planet capable of sustaining their Life composition, I speak of none other than our Ancient Cosmic Divine Black First Way Ancestors.

    Yet, when you do not know of such information any more, we Black Beings become prone to believe any and everything told to us about anything on this planet and that which is away from this planet and the more profanely sophisticated the information sound, the more we elevate the carrier of such profanity to high esteem, referring many Times to such messenger of profane information as a Genius, thus causing the attitude and behavior expressed toward such a messenger of such profane information, to be that of a Genius, which verify when you do not know, such lack of knowledge will cause you to believe as a fool, those that lie and deceive you, as we hold the liar up to be a genius to the believer of profane information, concerning that we refer to as God, Universe and our Black selves.

    Black so call Afrikans today, now look at the events that are unfolding right before our sense of sight and because we are not qualified to see those events mentally, so that we may understand them fully, as they actually are unfolding right before us, we end up reacting to profane expressions of explanation about those events that come from those among us, whom we hold up to high esteem , causing ourselves to become as a fool by our reception of such profane expression of information pertaining to the Black Life condition, not knowing the difference in a Fool and a Genius, Profaneness and Divinity and it is that ignorance that now have the Black so call Afrikan behaving as we do today, which is the contributing factor to Afrika and the so call Black Afrikan falling and have fallen to the level we now are experiencing the effect of evil upon the Black Human Being Life Living today.

    It become Black folks that adhere to the expressed sentiment stated by the wicked Human being, which is, when in Rome, do as the Roman does and to buy into such an illogical sentiment, clearly reveal that Black Folks do not Think, making ourselves available to not know anything, which cause us to hold up the Human Being to be of greater intelligence, as we become a party to the Human Being Wicked behavior, emulating the Human Being in expressing an attitude and behavior toward each other that Trump the Human Being proper evil,that we act out against each other, incapable of knowing the cause for the evil of our ways against our Black selves and we will attempt to justify such a wicked behavior coming from us Black people.

    It is the Black Nation today that do not know whom we are and it is such unenlightening that is causing the death of a once Divine black nation,as we spend all of our Time begging the Human being for what we are qualified to get for our Black Selves, if only we would try and Think for once in this day and Time because it is Divinity that beget Intelligence and it be intelligence that beget Wisdom and Wisdom become qualified to construct the Path for our Black Life that lead to it enjoying the Greater good for the Life of the Divine black so call Afrikan Being.

    So I Ask, Can you Understand This, Black So Call Afrikan People, You With A Desire to Reclaim Your Divine Mind And Come In Possession Of The Knowledge Of Your Black Self, Once Again, So That Afrika May Come Back Into The Possession Of The Black So Call Afrikan Proper Again, And A Black United So Call Afrikan Nation Must Begin To Rise Again, Anything That Come Short Of These That Must Become Our Two Physical Reality, Afrika And The Black So Call Afrikan Will Continue to Experience The Devastation Of Afrika And The Black So Call Afrikan Will Continue As Now Being Experienced, And It Is Experience That Is The Verifier Of The Divine Truth And Reality Of All Things That are Present And Not Present.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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    Dear beloved !

    Words cannot express the sure happiness i feel when i saw that u agreed to speak. I am happy the ancestors gave u permission to start your task. your degree of humility and patience with us all is incredible. I just wanted to thanky u for that. u for giving all of us an opputunity to share reality with u dear elder. I await with eager antipation to go on our next journey into the perfect night! Most importantly you provide a role model for all of us seeking the divine truth.