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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

People confused about whom you are, tell me what is the most pressing thing that is attacking a people that find Time to raise and respond to questions that have nothing to do with solving the most pressing problem that is attacking the Once Divine Being, you who appear as the Divine Reality of the NIGHT,meaning without Color, without Light illumination. even though all and everything come forth out of that Divine Reality, that which is without Color, but reside in Silence, yet is in constant Eternal Action, serving to be the Divine Essence of all and everything that move and do not Move.

Not until the Divine Beings, the Children of the Infinite Darkness, come to realize that all and everything that you Talk about, All that you Question and pretend to come up with an answer to, such action of the Mind is only calibrated to play and replay that which the so call Human Beings have educated you about and that is why you now appear to be so informed when the information you use to question that you know nothing about is the same information that has been presented by the Human Beings, concerning any and all subjects you decide to criticize.

Beloved, my point is this, what different does it make to concern yourselves with issues that the Human Beings have created, without coming up with a resolution to solve the Problems that is effective in affecting the Lives of a Once Divine Black People, a people that came to this planet having no doubt about who they are, yet was able to tell you that there will come a Time of Complete confusion that will affect their Children to the point that you will not know who in your Hellish Ways, will not know who you are, so now you decide to choose to question your Blackness and attempt to give support to your campaign against your Blackness, by using this Devil Definition to condemn that which that same Devil has so described us to be, and now in your counterfeit enlightenment, you question your Phenotype which is verified by your genotype, what Pitiful People we Black Folks have become, to question a Reality of our Beings, which Kiss the Eternal Infinite Space without Color, that which we refer to as the Night of Darkness, Black that it is.

Tell me beloved, why is it that we will not put as much energy that we do in things that do not measure up to Freeing our Black Behind, the only thing that is capable to fit into the Realm of Divine Importance for us Black Folks, happen to be those Things that will prompt you to go into action to Free your Human Being mind, because not until you do, will you be able to See Clearly what it is that have our Black Behind in captivity, a state of condition that the Human Being Mind that you carry, will not allow you to acknowledge the Key that is Necessary to free our black Behind and that Key is not whether we use the term Black to describe us, that Key is Reparation, the issue that is capable of Freeing us away From America Oppression of Injustice, a condition we find ourselves in, because we are Black.

What we are determine be, Determine Who we are, by the action of our Attitude and Behavior that we take toward those issues that are needed to be solved by us Black Folks, using not the White Man Mind, but the Black Man Divine Mind, a Mind that you Lost eon years ago, so long ago, to the point in this present motion of your Life, which cause you not to know who in this Hellish World that you Are today, yet you choose not to elevate the issues that are capable if solved, to Save and Free our Black Behind, you always choose issues of irrelevancy, that which only serve as a distraction to you focusing on what is needed of us to do in order to Free our Black Behind.

There are many so call Black Afrikans Americans that will sell the poison of Lies and action of Deception indicating to our Children and to you with the Human Being Mind Mentality, that we are already Free and in no way will you entertain the Thought to Leave America, because you See, in order to Think about Leaving America with Your Ancestors Reparation, require that you abandon the Human Being Mind and reclaim your Ancient Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors Mind, a Mind that will not find it Necessary to question who in this Hellish World we are.

When you do not Know Who you are, then You End up Questioning Whom You Are, a clear sign that our sensual perspective does not extend beyond that which the Human Beings have Taught us about ourselves and not until we Black Folks become qualified again to have Creative Thoughts about all of this you find yourselves entangled in, you will continue to believe that such questions that we raise concerning ourselves, are profound questions, when in fact they are Profane Questions that lead you up a path of confusion and serve as a distraction away from the most Profound Issue to come before the children of the Middle Passage, an issue that will affect Afrika and the so call Afrikans at Home, that Issue is Reparation, the Issue that Frighten the black Establishment and Deceiving Black Activist, and Black Nationalist and Pan - Afrikans, and you Wonder why it is, after over Four Hundred Years that Black Folks still do not Know what Happen To us, which cause us not to Know Whom We Are and Who our Ancient First Way Divine Black Ancestors Were and still are, such an acquaintance require that you must have your Divine Mind, in order to get to know your Divine Pheno-Genotype Inheritance, which will reveal What and Who you are.

Beloved, you will not be able to See, Know, and Understand what is required of us to do to Solves our Problems in this Evil World, wearing the White Man Mind, believing that you can use all of the Devilish Human beings information and such will solve our Problems, Hell such a Method has been used by us for over four Hundred Years and Invite you to, Run, Run and fetch your Mirror and take an Objective Look at yourselves and Tell me what you are, not looking at, but what you See, and if your response is in Horror, then I will Know that you used your Divine Mind and not your Human Being Mind to behold the condition of the so call Afrikan American and Thus the Entire Black World.

Beloved, Reparation is our Ark To Safety, Liberation, Independence, Sovereignty of Life, Joy and the Experience Of Justice for The Black World Life, We Must Return Home Is We Are To Save Ourselves From That Which is To come Upon This Evil World On This Planet

The Divine Truth, We confused Black People do not Know who We Are, because Black People Despise The Divine Truth, So We Remain As is, What a Pity and a Shame On Us Black Once Divine Black People, You Who carry The genotype Of The Eternal infinite Blackness which be The Eternal infinite spatial Universe.

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of you

Chief Elder


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