Black Poetry : When You Care No More

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    you only care,
    about yourself,
    after seeing real,
    they real meaning,
    their reality,
    then you learn,
    to not care,
    about no one else,
    and care about,
    yourself the mind,
    that is not mastered,
    the heart cold filled with deceit,
    you learn to not,
    put that burden,
    out on the ones,
    who are innocent,
    though they continue,
    who are innocent,
    to get dumped on,
    just to be victimized,
    to the dumping,
    become like the dumper,
    not aware...
    sow you be yourself,
    and reap a better self,
    harvest your best,
    forget their epitomes,
    create your own reality,
    when you care no more,
    cause a change you cannot do,
    being selfless to your maximum,
    will eventually evaporate you,
    as the change they didn't know,
    so know nobody cares deeply,
    like yourself and never accept,
    a friendship or relationship of any kind,
    unless they are exactly like you,
    regardless of color, gender, race,
    and any other anything of everything,
    they can think of as this is now,
    all spiritual and soulfully bound,
    using emotion to influence,
    the best in all to fuel special,
    thoughts mentally that are nurturing,
    and fond to be memories,
    manifested physically,
    i care no more about nobody,
    cause i am not a vacuum,
    even if my other half were to arrive,
    i would not put my all into her,
    i dare not as wisdom teaches best,
    when you care about yourself,
    not of selfishness but reality being,
    created as growth spiritually,
    for yourself when you care no more,
    about nobody else.

    (Real Poetry)