Black People : When You Are Thinking Divinely, Then You Are Naturally Behaving As You Should!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
When You Are Thinking Divinely, Then You Are Naturally Behaving As You Should!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

I Share With You What You Need To Know, Not What You Been Conditioned To Believe!!!

I do not play being Mentally and Psychologically Different, I Live to Think and behave differently, that is a Divine Thinking Mind way of having you to be with Divine knowledge that have you to know what is Divinely True and Real about what cause your physical living experiences and to Divinely Think have you to be not dependent on that white racist unjust Prejudice religious foundation that have you reacting and worshiping everything Lucifer have you believing about your Black Divine cosmic Universal Self and to a profane believing mind, believe serves to be a Demon to the way you live to look at your self through the eyes of a belief with a profane mind of that white racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being.

The way you can be assured that you do not live as you were designed to be, is the way you believe as you have been educated to believe you must be, and today, Black Afrikans are living without the use of our Divine Mind, so the profane mind of our oppressors is what have Black Afrikans making decisions about what we now believe about our once Divine self and that belief is controlled by the way you now are told to believe about all you now been educated to believe and to be educated without thinking is to be controlled by the mental activity of believe and not Thinking to Learn to know beloved, and Divine Knowledge comes from freely Thinking to Learn about what you need to know to innerstand about the fundamentals about Living, not as Lucifer have you believing about your self and things that consist of the World way of believing, but as you use your Divine Mind to independently Freely Critical Think, which has you to know to innerstand that which you have learned from Thinking about all you are confronted with while living.

I am Divinely conscious and aware of why I know and not believe, my mental basic training took me through the horror and cunning of believe, it being the demon to the mind that have you believing about God, Universe, Life, and Self relationship to all that is a part of your Learning experience about that which comes from Thinking about to know about.

So, I am not to be swayed by the elementary psychological games played and lowly insults used to try and change my knowledge about learning over believing, and I live every day to get as far away from the definition of the word been created by that racist lying deceiving evil Luciferian Human Being whom many Black Afrikans live by believing everything been taught to believe about that is about your Black Self and I have no guilt in using the term Black, my Divine Essence has me to be able to express my knowledge in a way that comes from not believing, but from Divinely Thinking, beloved.

Therefore, the reason why Black Afrikans are not yet back in Afrika and Afrika no longer belongs to the Black Afrikans, is that Black Afrikans are to busy being religiously connected to our oppressors, regardless of their ethnic identity, my identity is based on my knowledge of What The Divine Essence of Everything is, be you in the physical or seemingly not to be physical, all being of that Eternal Everlasting Infinite Existence Of The Darl/Black Energetic Intelligent Universe, the Divine Essence, it being of that which is also cause of the physical Universe.

That white racist Luciferian Human Being has no paten on the word Black, that I am bound to respect, or any other term we now use being in a worldly society that is controlled by that white racist Human Being, the problem with Black Afrikans and what maintain our self ignorance and submission to that white racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being, is that we do nothing to break away from the mental conditioning that has been performed on Black Afrikans, done so by Black Afrikans being educated to believe and not to Divinely Think, and not until we Black Afrikans learn to Think using our Divine Mind again that will have Black Afrikans being with a Mental process that operates by the use of the principles of Harmonious Reasoning, Orderly Rational Thinking, and with well Balance Logic, perfecting the art of deductive thoughtfulness, Black Afrikans will remain a mental prisoner to the evil of belief, the foundation upon which Lucifer Religious institutions stand.

Hell Yes, I Am Black, And Proud To Be so, for it relates to the Divine Presence of the Divine Essence of us all, The Divine Essence being Dark/Black energy Universal Infinite Intelligence, God Of Infinite Existence.

If Black Afrikans would spend as much time as we spend on maintaining the power that white racist has over Black Afrikan people believing everything that Devilish Satanic white man has educated Black Folks to believe, on fighting to obtain our Enslaved Afrikans Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation, we Black Afrikans would not today be in the living believing condition we are living in today, discussing terms created by that white racist Human Being as if Words have a Life and Mind of their own, when its the physical living Beings Mind that give Life to words the creator is in power to have accepted to be believed in the Definition of those created words and without enforcement power over the words created to be taught to believe, in an educating setting control by white racist oligarchs which give meaning and life to those created words, without such power by the words creator, the words remain innocent words, I use words according to my benefit and not to the benefit of a racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being, so my definition of the word Black is different than that white racist meaning of the same word, doggone who created it, I define it to fit my use of expression.

Which Is Why My Motto Is Too Black Afrikan People, First Fight To Obtain Your Freedom When It Has Been Taken Away From You, Once You Are Free, Then You Freely Establish Your Own Governing Institutions And With Such Power You Are Capable Of having the power to Create and Enforce the words you create and/or use, power and authority is what brings life to words, beloved.

Freedom, Power, and Authority, without those principles under your control, then you live as a slave, dependent on those who do have such power over you and the words created by the powerful if you are without control of your Divine Mind in your possession.

I Share With You What You Need To Know And Not What You Are Educated To Believe, beloved.

Divine Respect

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