Chief Elder Osiris : When World Governments are Puppets Of The Super Gangsters In Control Of The World

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    When World Governments are Puppets Of The Super Gangsters In Control Of The World

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    In the eyes of the Evil Forces, they know that they have conditioned you to believe that I am just a nobody among you warning you about that you have been conditioned not to believe can and will happen in the world of evil which you have been made to adopt to be your own and a patriot to such a world of evil.

    To anybody who have a Mind to See, it is obvious that there is a world criminal element that is controlling the world, which mean making decisions about your life and do determine who live and who dies, who receive Justice and who will become a prisoner to injustice.

    Just as it is obvious to a Divine Thinking Mind that there is a Divine Intelligence that is the reason why Both Universe exist.

    So to the Thinking Minds, it is not difficult to entertain with knowledge of the world leaders, they that you do not know and which Dr. Horowitz and his associate is making claim about the world Biotechnology partners premeditation concerning H1N1 Vaccine.

    But here is my Thinking about what need to be done in order to stifle and paralyze the Genocidal movement conducted by Lucifer, the filthy wealthy tenants of the World.

    I can reasonable accept that what Dr. Horowitz and his associate is making claim of, backed up with documents to substantiate such a claim that there is a organized conspiracy against certain class of people that make up this world and that they do attack with all sorts of death serums in order to bring about a reduction of the world population, down to their acceptable level, since they have the money and power to do so, and they appear to be anti-nature.

    The most potent power those world gangsters have, is the ability to mold the Mind of the Masses that is the world, and to have you to believe as they will have you to believe about the events that happen that is both natural and unnatural that effect your life, and when you have been made not to Think for your self, you become the property of those who do the Thinking for you, causing you to believe all that they tell you, it is True, so you are conditioned to question not what you have been made to believe in life and about your life.

    Now, if there is that World Gangster element that is controlling the world and is making decisions about what the world is to believe is True and False, then all of the world institutions fall under the control of the world Gangsters, the Lucifer's in and of the World, they who are in action to restructure the system of the World, that is used to Govern the world.

    At the present Time, the Gangsters uses a bicameral system of most of the world government, which is is in motion of being changed to a unicameral system that will become a One World Governing Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Government.

    So if the Biotechnology partners are under the control of the World Gangsters and those world Gangsters are in control of the present World Governments and all of their infrastructure, that mean wherever you go in the Government institution seeking justice, you go before the agents of those world Gangsters seeking Justice where there is none.

    So the logical question to ask is, where does the power of Justice lies, in whose hand is the power to make decision that will affect your life in a Divine and just way, where does it reside?

    So I share with you this Divine Truth which is that Divine Justice for your life to experience will not come from the hand of the World Gangsters, but from the hand of you the people, and it is the people who have the obligation to take back control of your lives, because at the present Time, you are puppets attached to the string of the puppeteer, they being the Lucifer's of the world, the World Gangsters that now control your life, because they are those who now Think for you, as you now believe what they tell you to believe about events that are effective in affecting your life in a lying and deceiving way.

    While petitioning the flawed court system, the people need to be petitioned with the Divine Truth about what is going on in the world and even though the people are up against a powerful enemy, there is no greater secular power than when the people act in unity against that which is out to destroy, you the people.

    If the people should rise in unity, speaking with the loudest of voice against the H1N1 Vaccine and all other such evil that is coming against the people, such a sounding force will verify the power and determination of the people and their will and determination to take their lives back from the Lucifer's of the World.

    There are evil people portraying themselves to be your friend and leaders when all of the Time they are the power that is planning your physical and mental demise, coming from such evil hands that you do not see.

    I share information not in support of saving America, I share in support in an effort to help save the lives of the Masses, and among that Mass of People there is the Black Afrikan World, a people who have suffered under the Evil powerful hand of Lucifer for thousand of years and now is entitle to a life of freedom and independence that will provide for enjoying the sovereignty of life in Afrika.

    The World Masses that has been made to become prejudice of each other Ethnicity by the Gangsters of the World, you must fight to take your Mind back and to realize that Black people have a right to decide what is just and right for their lives and those Black people in Diaspora America and is there not by choice, they do have a right to demand their Enslaved Ancestors Reparation and to return to Afrika to become the next established State in Afrika.

    So tell me, what is so wrong in knowing such a need that Afrika and the Children Of Our Enslaved Ancestors are deserving of, and I venture to share with you, that all who are not Black and do not support such a Divine Right that is deserving of our Enslaved Ancestors, you disagree based upon the prejudice you have been made to believe about Black people and Black people in America in particular, making you to be a pawn of Racism, as practice by the Gangsters of the World, under Lucifer Guidance.

    To you Black People who can not see the Justice in fighting for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, you believe with the Mind of the world Gangsters and you look through the eyes of lies and deception, prejudice toward your Enslaved Ancestors, which cause you not to believe that the H1N1 is a contrived effort by the evil of capitalism, which motivate the action of evil just to make a dollar, even if your life is at the expense of such earning.

    So in this Evil period of Time the world masses are in today which make you to be in need of each other in order to survive, your lives are under attack while you act out the prejudice toward each other, that prejudice which has been planted in your mind by Lucifer themselves, they being the Evil that is in control of your life today.

    The requirement for you today, is for you to wake up from your rip van winkle sleep and open your mind eye, you are not dead, because death is a finality to life, so wake up so that you can see the reality of the condition of your world, it is your life that is under attack, and you have an obligation to protect it, so is the Law of Nature, Divine it is.

    Only Those Who Are Divinely Wise Will Be Mental Equipped To Understand This Missive.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved.

    Be Kind To Your Self

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    they have prepared us in the media via motion pictures to prepare for only two possible realities in the now. Future is not time future is change. so in the change it will only be death and barren sick illness etc. or the possibility of the one world goverment un covering itself to the world. The contollers of this current mass of energy has allways been the same it is only the name of current players that change. My heart tells me that this has been so alot longer than 6000 years hetep.
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