Health and Wellness : When white people touch my hair


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Apr 21, 2007
Indeed! I cringe when folks touch pregnant women without their permission. But it seems like white people have no concept of personal space. This white woman I'm forced to work with does push ups on the counter in front of my desk it seems ONLY when I am sitting there. When I move... she stops. She always wants to be up under me. I'm contemplating slapping her, but need to figure a way where I won't get arrested.

LOL omg! That sounds like something that should be on a comedic sketch in a movie.

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May 7, 2009
i was on the south side last week, shopping at the mexican store, getting some meats. I was waiting in line to check out and someone was pulling on my dreads in the back... i turned around, getting ready to go off, and saw that it was a two year old baby,..... i didn't know what to do then,...just checked out my food and left...


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May 7, 2009

I find it infuriating when I'm out and a white person asks to touch my hair. The other day I was out with a friend of mine and her friends, which are white were like,
"You have such cool hair, it's so pretty...can I touch it?"
I hadn't even given them permission, I just smiled and this guy stuck his hand in my hair and began patting it almost like a dog.
I just grinned, but inside I wanted to kick him in his nut sack.
This has happened more then on one occasion. Either they ask to touch it or they go right ahead and touch it anyways.
Has anyone else experience this? And how did you feel? And how did you handle it?

Man! This brings back memories.

I guess I might be one of the oldest ones responding to this question because I remember this was a common gripe amongs the Black Americans in the 60s when there was a lot of them wearing fros and stuff. But yeah, I remember when it was always done to me how I loathed it, but they just never even give a warning, they just do it, without even waiting just as you said. It is an aggressive act and they know exactly what they are doing.

It is not flattery at all, and that's why many blacks stop being natural as a result of this under handed things these White people have done. We don't go around doing that to their hair, because in the past, we were loving our hair and being natural. And I never got this from other races of people...just Whites.

It seems obvious to me that they do this because they have a problem with seeing Black people love their own natural hair, hair that they know they can't grow. Chucks, we can wear our hair straight like they do without having to put vinegar in it and destroying it, and we can wear our hair natural and be so unique, but they have a deep down hatred about this, you better believe it.

But as of yet, I don't know how to respond status quo all of the time when they do this without warning. There is a mechanism with in me tht I guess, I think I might get arrested if I really go off like I really want to, but I do make facial expressions and if they were to give me a chance to answer, I have no problem telling them no, don't touch me hair!

I believe it is a jealousy that they can't admit, in that they know we have 'good hair'--and they've been tryin to flip that issue for the longest time!

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