Black Parenting : When, What, and How, Do We Tell Our Children?


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Aug 28, 2015
In this current political climate that a young African-American teen can so easily gunned down for almost anything or nothing. How do we explain this to our children? Do we rob them of the luxury of their childhood innocence and burden them with a fear that no other children have to bear? Or, do we just tell ourselves "It couldn't happen to me/us"....DENIAL. Because, history has proven that no economical class, no educational accomplishment, no social constraints, can protect or insulate us from the beast.

When my son was only nine years old. He was riding his bicycle around the block, like he did everyday. Four white "men" , got out of a car, and spit at him. He came home and told me about it. He wasn't even afraid. He didn't understand the danger he was in. He told the story in an a matter of fact kind of way. Of course, I was livid. And, I was afraid. It could have been much worse. My son comforted ME! He said, "Mommy, it's ok, they missed me!"

The very next day, after school, he embarked upon his regular ride on his bike around his block, fearlessly, and never looked back.

I wanted/want him to live a full life, have all the joy that life deals him. I don't want him to be hampered by fear at every turn. But, I want him to know that when he gets pulled over by the cops, not to make any quick moves, not to believe the hype they taught him in school about "having rights", etc.

It is quite a conundrum. Everyday.

What say you? When, What, and How, Do We Tell Our Children?

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