Black Poetry : When We Make Love...from "The Penis Papers"


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Jan 30, 2001
Excitingly hard
Lovingly strong
Nastily wet
The aching inside
Even better yet
Talk a little dirty
So much fun to lose control
The atmosphere is raw
As we begin to roll

The softness of the moonlight
Enough for me to see
The pleasure in your face
As you explode all over me
With each scream of my name
The tighter you squeeze
Taking me deeper
Where you need to be pleased

The heated thunder inside me
Begins a slow and steady rise
Thrusting power surging
From my *** and from my thighs
Hear our screams
Hear our sighs
Feel the subtle change in rhythm
See us ******* in my eyes

Uncontrolled is my manhood
You so gratefully posess
Helpless am I to stop the rush
Finding its way
To that spot deep within you
I am drained of my sense
But there's more we must do

We must honor and cherish
This moment of moments
You loving me
Me loving you
For there is nothing more intimate
Nothing more pure
A man and woman can ever do



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