Black People : When Truth/reality appears the Fools (WOTF) Human being mind-set will be revealed.

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    How can we discuss Unity & not DisUnity-The Scars of Shame, deadly poison within us?

    A fool will box and wrestle with Divine Truth and get knocked out.
    A fool will fight Divine Truth like fighting the Wind, something the fool can not see.
    A fool has no set path like a renegade mind-set. It will go up against the Sun.Even the elements in the Universe will not go up against the SUN.

    Divine Truth will always offend lies and deception.
    When we do not know the CORE of Lies and deception, we will never know the Divine CORE of Truth/Reality.
    Truth does not win a popularity contest
    Truth does not draw a crowd.
    Divine Truth does not work on what others WANT to hear.
    Some of our people are so severed with the Hot Iron of lies and deception to the point of no return to their Once Divine right mind-set.
    They live in a mind-set like a Blazing hell, with the furnace turned up with the highest Fahrenheit degrees.

    When we are operating in our Divine Right mind-set we can approach anything from any angle/position. Divine Truth is not restricted.

    Give me a T
    Give Me a R
    Give me a U
    Give me a T
    Give me a H


    Whose on First base?
    Whose on second base?
    Whose on Third Base?

    Who hit the Home run?

    Who walks?
    Lies and deception

    Who calls the Divine shots?

    We must never pick a fight just for the fight of it, always let it be in the company of the Divine Truth, Sharing it I mean. (osiris)

    So when we have made the Divine Truth Known and it is not received, then it is Time to Turn away, because our Task has been completed with them we share Divine Truth with. (osiris)

    Saying Of Dr. Malachi Z. York, "Only Fools Duck, When The Truth Is Thrown At Them!" Free Dr. Malachi Z. York!!!"
    "I tried to ignore the things that I knew, only to find that truth will beat the hell out of you." Keita

    When others attack the Divine Truth coming from those who speak It, it is done so that we may ascend back into our Divine Mind, a Mind that require that we Think using profound Reasoning and undefile logic.

    I take the attacks against the effort of those who are aspiring to reclaim our Divine Mind to be that coming from the center of Mental confusion coming, so those that comes forth with Divine Truth, being not affected by those that come bearing the profane Lie and is capable of standing fast in the circle of Divinity, you become the True representative of the effort to no longer conform to the Human Being way of life and by doing so, it symbolize our Cosmic Ancestors pinning a Star in our Divine mind/Crown.

    The more intense the opposition comes, bringing that which is against Divine Truth, it serves as the measuring ROD of how fast we who speak Truth is ascending Divinely.

    Now we can either reject, or accept and SOP this Divine gravy of uninhibited Truth, because the Divine seekers do not intend to leave anything for the flies to swarm around, in an attempt to infect with a disease that bring on decay. (Auset/Isis/Osiris)

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