Black People Politics : When Trump Becomes President - What Will it Look Like?


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I believe if GoFundMe can be ramped in like a year with paralleled success, we should be able to use that template for our road to recovery.
Yes , as the temporary reopening has occurred , we should look at that model, in fact paradigm; seriously as we see the real life Joker from Batman , in the White House cutting public housing, public school and city college funding, civil service jobs, day care job core and legal aid

Clyde C Coger Jr

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:great: Finally got some backbone

Senate rebukes Trump’s plan to withdraw U.S. forces from Syria, Afghanistan

The vast majority of Senate Republicans backed Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday in a rebuke of President Trump’s rationale for withdrawing U.S. troops from Syria and Afghanistan, voting to declare that the Islamic State’s presence and activity in both countries continue to pose a serious threat to the United States...
By Karoun Demirjian
January 31


Clyde C Coger Jr

going above and beyond