Pan Africanism : When Town Sought God's Forgiveness

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    Worshippers demonstrate in Nakuru Town during national prayers recently. Photos/ JOSEPH KIHERI

    I know people here are riled up with every form or interpretation of RELIGION so please bare with me.

    I just want people who dole out some money to save at least ONE AFRICAN CHILD especially KENYA to know that maybe that FOOD was too EXPENSIVE and probably sitting on a SHELF waiting for the HIGHEST BIDDER.

    An ORDER to sell FAMINE RELIEF FOOD. Now how did this SLIP. Looks like alot needs to be done. But to see a WHOLE TOWN or STADIUM in SACKCLOTH seems to be the FIRST this YEAR. But the accusations are nothing NEW but I do pray that we can all take a BREAK from NATION WORK and do some HOME WORK.

    That includes those CURSED WHITE CITIZENS who say America already has enough TEACHERS and decided to go to KENYA to do MISSIONARY WORK.

    Hey I may not see you in the PICTURES but I can see you PROFITTING from the TORTURES that people in the everyday must FACE.

    That includes playing with HEARTS of MERCY and FOOD for the BODY.