Black People : When the Truth speaker is in the Hot Seat or Hot anything.

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Feb 9, 2007
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When others attack the Divine Truth coming from those who speak It, it is done so that we may ascend back into our Divine Mind, a Mind that require that we Think using profound Reasoning and undefile logic.

I take the attacks against the effort of those who are aspiring to reclaim our Divine Mind to be that coming from the center of Mental confusion, so those that comes forth with Divine Truth, being not affected by those that come bearing the profane Lie and is capable of standing fast in the circle of Divinity, you become the True representative of the effort to no longer conform to the Human Being way of life and by doing so, it symbolize our Cosmic Ancestors pinning a Star in our Divine mind/Crown.

The more intense the opposition comes, bringing that which is against Divine Truth, it serves as the measuring ROD of how fast we who speak Truth is ascending Divinely.

Now we can either reject, or accept and SOP this Divine gravy of uninhibited Truth, because the Divine seekers do not intend to leave anything for the flies to swarm around, in an attempt to infect with a disease that bring on decay. (Aust/Isis Osiris)


They received not from their own.

Liars and a deceiver can not stand in the presence of the Hot Truth/Reality.

The ones who come up against Truth/Reality, their mind-set is being used by what is called the evil forces, that uses their mind-set like a carpenter uses her/his tools.

Afrikans/world liberation is simple.
0 (God)+I (self)+It (Truth)+Is (Reality)=Divine

HIGH on GAGUT (God Almighty Grand Unified Theorem) The Blanket condemnation that destroys the oppressor's institution. Oyibo

Afrika (us) is still Paradise in spite of Her/ (our) conditions.

We the People whose CORE was once Divine as the Divine Black Perfect night, and still can be again. RISE.

Here is loving/You Afrika

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