Black Poetry : When The River Flows


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Jan 30, 2001
So interesting to watch a woman
See the wealth of her emotion
How it changes
How it grows
This can all be observed
When the river flows

A biological, physiological, phenomenon
An internal manifestation of all her wonder
In so many ways this complexity shows
That time of the month
When the river flows

The sudden anger
Beauty with an attitude
The cry for nothing tears
The laughter mixed with sorrow
The courage mixed with fear

Changing emotional direction
Without warning
Without clue
Equally beautiful
Her sexual desire
Like a Lioness in heat
As the river runs through

Observing women as I do
I’ve come to learn a thing or two
When no means yes
When yes means no
I’ve learned when to stay
I’ve learned when to go

I can never really understand
But I will never judge
I find it beautiful
For them my admiration grows
For all they go through
When the river flows



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