Brother AACOOLDRE : When the government wants to kill

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    By Andre Austin
    When the government wants to kill they put on a mask and try to pretend they are somebody that they are not. This is done to deflect attention away from themselves so that people will think another is guilty while the perpetrator gets away.
    Types of mask the government may use to blame others for their crimes:
    1. Religious mask of satanic rituals
    2. Secret Society, freedom fighters, Gorilla groups or racist groups
    3. Prior or present mental disturbances of individuals
    4. Previous or present grudges of individuals or groups
    5. Corporations or foreign governments
    6. Entertainment industry
    Governmental assassins work behind the above groups or individuals to accomplish their crimes of murder, character assassinations false imprisonment and so on.
    Educational Institutions reinforce young pupils perception of the government and corporations because they teach students to look up to Religious institutions, Greedy Corporations and government institutions who serve the rich and few ignoring the poor working class. A parent who is ghetto and argue with the principal to defend their child will see the retaliation of all their children being reassign. One problem child will effect all siblings. These same educational institutions reinforce bullying which is an attack upon: Gays, Nerds, Mentally challenge (those reading slow etc), Shy, overweight and poor students wearing rags or nappy hair. If a student objects to the verbal mistreatment he/she is seen as a trouble maker who can’t cope and must be placed in another facility or take online classes (segregated). So they wait for the student to do something slightly wrong then they ship them out. Upper middle class, those regimented into a church or students Athlete in Sports who have potential to make millions for greedy corporation are catered too and miss behavior overlooked and given extra counseling and advice. Some of these so called miss fit student come back to shoot the school up and go out in a blaze of glory.
    Employment Agencies discriminate against the same individuals that were outcast in the public/private schools. Remember these same managers and HR officials were once in high school who taunted the above students. Employment agencies kill them off social, economically (promotions) by discrimination in hiring, firing and treated as outcast. Some of the bosses and supervisors on the job express their most hatred for these outcast workers by maximizing the effect of firing/demotion when employee is just about to buy a house, get married go to a funeral or have a child.

    THE MEDIA sanitize white criminal and demonized black criminals. White criminal past and child hood are looked into. Their good virtues are highlighted. Their medical and chemical imbalance is discussed in elaboration. Black criminals are labled animals. If they are a Black celebrity criminal from which Hollywood makes money off of their past deeds and childhood is explained after they die. For example; look at Tookie Williams gang member slain in the electric chair was demonized. Then right after he died they started showing him dressed up as Tarzan on the gong show with two cute black girls in bikini outfits. The media/Hollywood likes to sanitize black criminals post death.
    The Criminal justice take their lead from where the educational , Employment agencies and Media jackals leave off.